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eight highly effective plugins for Viral Quiz & Survey Builder for WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress quiz plugin for your website?

Quiz questions are a great way to expand your email list and increase the number of social networks. However, you can also use them for surveys and more.

In this post we will cover the best quiz plugins for WordPress. Use them to add well-designed, engaging, and even smart surveys and quizzes to your WordPress site.

The best WordPress quiz plugins (you can also use them for surveys!)

1. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a feature rich WordPress quiz plugin developed by Thrive Themes. With a simple quiz builder, you can create beautiful, engaging quizzes.

Questions can be text based or paired with images. You can even create dynamic question trees that guide quiz participants to alternative questions based on their answers.

What makes this quiz plugin so powerful is its multi-purpose nature that allows you to create quizzes based on specific goals, including expanding your email list, increasing your social share, or simply getting more views.

The email marketing features built into this plugin are particularly useful because they allow you to create quizzes that sort subscribers based on their response into predetermined segments in your email list.

The Badge Builder is also a great tool for increasing the number of social shares you get because it lets you create aesthetically pleasing graphics for results that users like to share.


4 quiz types based on numbers, percentages, categories and personalitiesBuild with templates and easy-to-use quiz generator. Create question trees that change with the answers of the quiz participant. Create new badges for quiz participants from scratch to share images and text-based questions. A / B split tests Extensive analysis, including data on responses, email marketing integration

Price: Thrive Quiz Builder prices start at $ 67 for a single site license. Updates are free forever and additional support can be purchased for $ 40 / year once your first year is up.

You can also get Thrive Quiz Builder as part of the Thrive Theme membership plan, which includes a full suite of conversion-oriented WordPress plugins. Prices start at $ 228 / year.

For more information, see our Thrive Quiz Builder test.

2. WP Quiz Pro

Example of a WP Quiz Pro demo

WP Quiz Pro is a premium WordPress quiz plugin from MyThemeShop. You can choose from six interactive quiz types, including classics like trivia and personality tests.

You can also create quizzes, the answers of which appear when users flip card-based questions or list-based quizzes that users can take by matching or matching list items. The latter quiz type is a great companion for list posts.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface that mainly uses the WordPress UI design. A visual builder is preferred, but uses at least one user interface that you, as a WordPress user, are already familiar with.

The number of functions that you can configure to make your quiz more interactive or to behave in a certain way is where this plugin really shines.

You can set up timers for individual questions and entire quizzes, sort questions randomly, choose from a list of over 40 animation effects, let your quiz automatically scroll to the next question and much more.


Easy-to-use interfaceMultiple quiz styles for surveys, trivia, personality tests, training courses and more -Play quiz with PayPal and Stripe integrationSupports ads between questions

Price: You can download the lite version of WP Quiz for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

WP Quiz Pro pricing starts at $ 67 for a single site license. However, you can also access it along with the entire collection of MyThemeShop plugins and themes for $ 108 a year.

3. Interact

Interact demo example

To interact is an online platform for creating engaging quiz questions and includes a WordPress plugin for easy implementation.

It is best suited for websites where "viral content" is to be created. This is due to the types of quizzes you can create.

These are personality tests, graded tests, where the results are based on the number of points the quiz participant ultimately earned, and assessment quizzes, where quiz participants receive the final score based on the number of questions they ask correctly.

This plugin has an interactive user interface that was developed as an intuitive visual quiz builder. With the tool's built-in branch logic, you can even create complex quizzes in a visual sense. You can create a question tree similar to Thrive Quiz Builder, in which the questions change based on the answers of the quiz participants.


3 quiz styles for personality tests, score-based results and general tests200 + quiz templates in 37 categories. Fully customizable with a user-friendly visual builder. Branch logic where the question trees change based on answers. Text and image based questions. Dynamic results. Email marketing integration. GDPR compliant options. Facebook advertising integration. Answer analytics with quizzes and data

Price: A basic version of Interact is available for free forever. You can only create quizzes with this version. No other functions are activated. Premium plans start at $ 29 / month or $ 204 / year.

4. OnionBuzz

OnionBuzz demo example

OnionBuzz is an intuitive WordPress quiz plugin that allows you to create well-designed BuzzFeed-style quizzes.

It has Five types of quizzes that you can use to create personality tests, quizzes, list items, where users can vote up and down list items, card-based quizzes, and checklists.

OnionBuzz uses its own user interface, which is well designed and extremely intuitive.

The front end user interface has been intentionally designed to resemble BuzzFeed to give your quizzes an entertaining atmosphere. This includes quiz results that users can share on multiple social media platforms. You can even lock quiz results until the user shares the quiz on social media.

The integration of email marketing is also available, but only with MailChimp. You can work around this by exporting your MailChimp list to your preferred email marketing platform with Zapier.

You can also generate quiz earnings by inserting ads into posts, including at the beginning and end of each quiz and between questions.


5 quiz types for personality tests, upvote / downvote lists, trivia and moreText and image-based questions and resultsRandomize questionsMultiple quiz layoutsShared resultsSupports ads in quizEmail marketing integrationAnalytics and user statistics

Price: OnionBuzz is available for $ 26. You get free updates forever and support can be expanded each year for $ 18.38.

5. WP Viral Quiz

Example of a WP Viral Quiz demo

WP Viral Quiz is a simple quiz plugin that is only included two types of quizzes for personality tests and trivia.

It was developed for websites that want to create quizzes similar to BuzzFeed. In fact, one of the only two skins this quiz plugin offers uses a style inspired by BuzzFeeds.

The plugin is based on WordPress for its user interface, so there is no visual builder and you have to upload your own CSS style sheet if you want to change styles.

However, this plugin shines in its ability to increase the number of your subscribers, social shares, page views and advertising revenue.


2 types of quizzes for personality tests and triviaRandomize questions2 skins availableEmail marketing integrationSocial media integrationSupports advertisingGDPR-compliant optionsImport quizzes created by other usersAnalytics and user statistics

Price: WP Viral Quiz is available for $ 36. Updates are available forever and additional years of support can be purchased at a reduced price.

6. Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat demo example

Quiz cat is a simple premium quiz plugin with an even simpler free version. There are two types of quizzes that you can use to create personality-style quizzes and multiple choice quizzes that will ultimately give the quiz participant a final score.

The settings you can enable for each quiz type are fairly simple. You can add pictures to questions, but that's about as interesting as it gets.

The user interface adopted from WordPress is also simple, but familiar and easy to navigate. The front-end user interface was developed to give your quizzes the viral "BuzzFeed" look and feel.

This plugin may not have the same bells and whistles as the other premium plugins on this list, but it does have powerful marketing features. You can increase your presence on social media by allowing quiz participants to share their results on social media.

You can also expand your email list by encouraging or even forcing users to enter an email address to see their results. You can even integrate your quiz into the Facebook pixel tracking code to track advertising campaigns through page views, quiz start and end metrics, leads and more.


2 quiz types for multiple choice-based questions and personality testsText and image-based questions and resultsAutomatically randomized questionsShare results with Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest integrationEmail marketing integrationAnalytics with user dataFacebook Pixel integrationExport quiz answers

Price: Pricing for the premium version of Quiz Cat starts at $ 29 a year. However, you'll need to subscribe to the plan for $ 49 a year if you want to integrate and analyze email marketing.

A basic version of the plugin is also available free of charge directly from

7. Quiz and poll masters

Example of a quiz and survey master demo

Quiz and poll masters is a great option for those looking for a versatile solution. It offers the best of both worlds and allows you to create multiple types of quizzes with dynamic results, as well as surveys to be completed by employees, customers and website visitors.

You can create quizzes that use multiple choice, true and false, dropdown, and other options. You can even enable open answers where quiz participants can type any answer they want in text boxes. The results can be dynamic and based on correct / incorrect and point-based results. Users can even share their results.

There is also a comment field function that allows quiz participants to comment on individual questions as well as entire quiz questions. Together with the open answer feature, this tool is a powerful option for surveys. You get feedback and answers that you didn't think about.

The user interface for this plugin is simple in both the backend and the frontend. It uses the WordPress user interface in the backend and the frontend is simple unless you add custom styles manually.


Over 10 question types including multiple choice, true and false, open answer, dropdown and more. Text, image and video based questions. Add notes to questions and explanations of answers. Randomize questions. Comment fields for individual questions or entire tests and surveys activated. Set time limits for tests and surveys Limit entries and attempts per quiz or survey. Dynamic results. Include correct / incorrect or point-based results in the results. Divisible results. Email marketing integration

Price: You can start with Quiz and Survey Master for free.

Additional functions can be purchased individually via add-ons or bundled in premium memberships. Add-on prices vary, though most are $ 25 or $ 35. Bundles start at $ 149 / year.

8. HD quiz

Example of an HD quiz demo

HD quiz is a simple quiz plugin that is available completely free of charge.

There is a single quiz type that allows you to create a simple test with multiple choice questions. Each question can contain up to 10 possible answers. You have to indicate which answer is correct.

For this reason, the results are based on percentages. You must provide a minimum percentage that the quiz participant must receive to pass. Upon completion, the quiz participant can see which answers were wrong, which were correct and which were answered correctly.

As simple as the plugin is, there are still a few options that make it feel great. This includes the possibility of adding questions and answers with pictures. This is an improvement over even simpler plugins that only allow you to create text-based quizzes.

The plugin's user interface is well designed in the front end, but uses the WordPress user interface in the back end where you create quizzes.

This makes it less user-friendly than other plugins in this list, but it is also an interface that you are at least familiar with. No styling options need to be configured from early 2019, but a quiz styler is on the developer's to-do list.


Single type of quiz based on multiple-choiceText, image, and GIF-based questionsText, image, and GIF-based answers Set time limits for entire quizzesAdd tips to individual questionsAdd an extension to each answer that appears after the quiz is completedRandomize questionsThe results are displayed as percentages with correct and incorrect answers can be shared on Facebook and Twitter

Price: HD Quiz is free and available in the WordPress plugin repo.

Choosing the best quiz plugin for WordPress

With all these plugins you can create engaging surveys and quizzes for WordPress. However, these offer different functions. This can make it difficult to choose a single solution.

There are a few things you should consider when making your decision. First, determine what types of quizzes you want to create.

Would you like to create surveys that allow you to access a variety of feedback? Do you want to create more engaging content with personality tests and quizzes?

Another important aspect is the goals you want to achieve with this type of content. Would you like to expand your email list and create more detailed segments in it? Do you want to increase the number of people who share your content on social media? Do you want to increase the number of pageviews you get?

Finally, consider your budget.

The prices for these plugins range from free to one-time fees and expensive monthly and annual plans.

Determine the types of quizzes you want to create and the goals you want to achieve first, and then make sure that the plugin you choose helps you achieve those goals at a price that fits your budget .

If you found this post useful, be sure to read our tutorial on creating a personality test in WordPress.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that we may pay a small commission when you make a purchase.

Survey and Quiz Builder plugins for WordPress

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