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Find out how to develop a content material advertising and marketing technique utilizing Cornerstone content material

Are you struggling to get relevant results?
Content ideas? You should continuously publish content without the instruction
a solid content marketing strategy?

We'll break down the basics of
Cornerstone content and how to create it. We will then discuss how to do it
Use this content to promote your blog, capture leads, and get amazing results
Ideas for blog posts.

What is the cornerstone?

If you've taken the time to lock your blog niche, you should be able to break it down into three to five main topics. The pages you create for these topics, one page per topic, are cornerstones.

You may have posted some long-form articles here and there on your blog. Each post you post can be over 2,500 words long. The content of the cornerstone differs from long shaped articles and should be treated as such.

It is true that cornerstones are longer than the average post you write
publish on your blog, but it's their colossal length, the depth they are in
cover their topics and their meaning that make them so different.

Bloggers, especially new bloggers, have always done it
has been taught to find non-competitive keywords on their blogs, and you most
surely should. The problem with this advice is that it doesn't tell you anything
Avoid the most competitive keywords in your niche. These are the key words that you use
should create cornerstone content for.

Why is cornerstone content
important for your content marketing strategy?

Cornerstone articles are much longer than that
Average blog post because the keywords they’re targeting are usually attached to General
Issues that require a much more thorough approach.

While pillar content covers several
They treat topics in an article only briefly. You use blog posts
to treat these secondary issues in more detail. That is the cornerstone
Content can help you develop your content marketing strategy and overall
internal link structure.

They identify a small handful of key issues
and publish a long and thorough article. You then promote them
Articles thoroughly on your website and with your email list, link building
Campaigns and even advertising.

Next, create your blog from secondary topics
closely related to your cornerstones and create internal links between
She. When the Google search engine bot crawls your website, it follows everyone
the links that lead to your cornerstones and crawl and index these pages
more thoroughly.

All of this will help make your website ranked for that
Most competitive keywords in your niche over time. You also have a blog that
helps you find less competitive keywords and keep up with the issues
Your audience is looking for the most.

Use of corner pillars
your site

Develop your content marketing strategy
Around the cornerstone, the content begins to be created. This includes identification
Keywords for which this type of content should be created and then actually created.

You should then work hard to promote everyone
Article cornerstones as soon as you create your content marketing
Strategy on the side.

Find ideas for cornerstones

The easiest and most effective way to find
Ideas for cornerstone content are the identification of the three to five most important keywords
You want your website to be ranked. First, split your niche into three parts
to five main concepts and finding keywords to represent each of them.

Incidentally, these numbers are only guidelines.
If only two or six concepts work better for you, go for it.
Only split your niche into several concepts, but not as many
that you run the risk of spreading too thin and covering too many
different topics in your blog at the same time.

Let's use a website that deals with online marketing
as it relates to blogging as an example. This type of blog can be broken down
in the following main topics:

Content MarketingEmail MarketingSEO MarketingSocial Media MarketingAffiliate Marketing

These are the five main areas of
Marketing bloggers should look into it. They also represent the
Main topics that an online marketing blog usually covers.

If you have trouble keeping your list
Light, you may need to rethink your niche and break it down further.

Create cornerstone content

The writing of cornerstones will be different
everything you've ever done on your website. At the same time, they are simple
Long-form articles that are much longer than you are used to, and
They should be treated as such.

Determine which topic comes to your mind the most
important and get to work on it. Start with a simple brainstorming session.
and write down everything that has to do with this topic.

Use keyword research and Google to access
with additional topics.

Additional keyword research from Google

These will be used in the next steps
related topics to create an outline and the cornerstone article yourself. Your
The aim is to create a mega guide for each topic, e.g. B. "The Ultimate Guide to
Affiliate marketing for beginners. "

There is no magic number here regarding
Length. All you have to do is create an epic resource on a main topic in
Your niche, which is why this type of article is usually longer

Make sure you also create high quality images. Use tools like Greenshot and FireShot to take screenshots. On websites like Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and other photo websites you will find high quality, attribution-free images. You can also create your own graphics and infographics using tools like Canva and Venngage.

Promotion of cornerstones

You can largely use the same content promotion strategies to market a cornerstone article as you would any other article or your entire brand in general.

The quickest but most expensive way would be
Advertise with Facebook ads, Instagram ads and Google AdWords. You can also
Just share the articles through social media and your email list, but this one
Advertising strategies are far too simple in themselves.

Let's go through a few more effective promotions
Techniques. Guest posts are great for cornerstone content.
Instead of promoting a product or your domain, request a URL that points to yours
Cornerstone articles are presented instead.

High quality backlinks are an important SEO ranking factor. That's why you should also use white hat link building strategies. Use tools like SEMrush and KWFinder to search for the keyword you are targeting, find blogs with related articles, find the websites linked to them, and email those websites with a simple prompt to their links to change your article. This works best with outdated and inferior items.

You can also include an expert summary
Ask each influencer to apply once it is published.

Build from cornerstone

If you want to clear the way to success
There are a few goals to set in your blog. This will make it easier for you
develop a content marketing strategy and achieve success even faster.

You can start developing your content marketing strategy as soon as you publish your first cornerstone. Start with content upgrades that you can use in the article yourself.

You can then build from these articles by
Fill your blog with related topics. Ultimately, this road can lead to some
Product launches.

Define your goals

Take some time to achieve a few goals
want to achieve with your content marketing strategy. A solid strategy can help
You grow your audience and earn more revenue more effectively than when
You should simply publish the topics that come to mind.

Here are some goals you can set yourself:

Traffic – You don't need a lot of traffic to be successful. However, if you increase your blog traffic, you can achieve more of the goals below.User intervention Because of this, you don't necessarily need a lot of traffic to be successful. If your website and content are more engaging, you may be able to get higher conversion rates and sales with less traffic.Email subscribers – Get more email signups using lead magnets and strategically placed signup forms.Search engine rankings – The purpose of cornerstone content is to help your blog rank for the more competitive keywords in your niche. However, if you combine these articles with a strong content marketing strategy, you’re more likely to get higher overall rankings.Product sales – A content marketing strategy to reach an audience with valuable free content is a great way to drive more product sales if product marketing is carefully integrated into your content. It can also make future product launches more successful.Affiliate Revenue & Sponsorships – If you are not yet ready to launch products, you can still earn revenue through affiliate marketing and sponsorship deals. If you get more traffic and higher rankings, you can increase the amount you earn through these ventures.Social media follows – The publicity and advertising platforms you use for bloggers can help you gain a larger fan base on social media as you expand your blog. Similar to your email list, this way you can communicate directly with a good part of your audience. This helps tremendously when you post new blog posts or launch products.

You can set undefined goals wherever you go
The goal is to get more than you originally achieved, or you can choose
to hit certain numbers. It's your decision.

Create content upgrades

Before you start building your content
Marketing strategy from the cornerstone content that you create, you need a way to
Prepare these articles for the traffic they receive. Offer content upgrades
A wonderful way for you to capture some of that traffic as leads.

Content upgrades are a kind of lead magnet
tied directly to the item on which they are offered. This means that you shouldn't offer
They are on other parts of your website like other lead magnets.

Here are some content upgrades you can offer
to cornerstones:

Bonus ContentChecklistWorksheetCheat SheetEbookEmail CourseResource ListReportCase StudyChallengeExpert Interview

You should offer several types of content
Upgrades to cornerstone articles as they are longer than the average blog
post and treat different topics.

Add inline, click-to-reveal, and not intrusive
Popup registration forms that each content upgrade for related sections of the

Create blog posts and others

As soon as you have at least one cornerstone
Optimized with content upgrades and advertising strategies, start working on the
The core focus of your content marketing strategy – your blog.

Use your cornerstone as a guideline.
You've probably just briefly covered every secondary topic in the articles.
Everyone is an ideal candidate for blog posts. This way you can cover it
each topic in detail as you fill your editorial calendar with related topics.

Here are some examples of partner usage
Marketing example from earlier:

The beginner's guide to development
a strong affiliate marketing strategyX affiliate marketing strategies
to use on your blog in [year] search for affiliate programs for
Your blogHow do I become a partner?
Marketers in X Easy StepsHow product reviews Can
Charge up your affiliate marketing strategy

These are all topics of the “Ultimate Guide
The cornerstone of beginner affiliate marketing should have been covered.
If I add them to my blog's editorial calendar, I can handle them
ranked more thoroughly and higher for keywords related to affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts

There are several ways you can round off your content marketing strategy from there. Start creating lead magnets that you can use on the entire website and not just on corner pillar pages. These should be wide enough to be used in multiple blog posts.

You can also branch and create other forms
of content like YouTube videos and a podcast. You don't even have to come
with new content. You can easily reuse content that you’ve already created
and optimize it for audio and video.

Finally, you should work towards creating your own products and using your blog and cornerstone content to promote them. Courses, books, and memberships are the simplest types of products that bloggers can switch to.

How to develop a content marketing strategy using Cornerstone content

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