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How To Purchase And Promote Web sites: 11 Greatest Platforms That Make It Simple

Are you looking to sell your website and turn all of your hard work into cash? Or are you on the other side and want to purchase a new website to add to your portfolio?

Either way, I have some great options for you in this post that I have collected The 11 best platforms to buy and sell websites for or other online businesses.

Some of these platforms specialize in buying / selling established websites that are making thousands per month (or more), while others are more open marketplaces where you can visit smaller websites that suit your needs.

Whether you are looking to buy / sell websites for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars, this list has a great option.

For each platform, I'll detail the types of websites you can buy / sell, what fees to expect, and how to get started.

11 best platforms to buy and sell websites (or other online businesses)

1. Flippa


You can use it for pretty much anything, and you can find options for every budget. For example, you might see a cheap website for $ 1,000 right next to an established website for over $ 600,000.

However, because it's such an open marketplace, it sometimes means you have to search through some low quality websites to find the good content.

What can you buy and sell?

Flippa lets you buy and sell basically any online business, including domain names. You can use it for blogs, websites, ecommerce stores, Amazon FBA stores, apps, SaaS tools, and more.

Seller commissions

Flippa charges both a listing fee and a commission for successful sales. The listing fee for established websites is $ 49 and the commission ranges from 10% for businesses up to $ 50,000 to 5% for businesses over $ 100,000.

How to get started

To buy or sell an online business, all you need to do is register for a Flippa account.

Some entries are public, which means you can instantly view the domain name and other important information. Others (usually the more expensive ones) are confidential. This means that you need to contact the seller for more information.

2. Empire Flippers

When a website hits the market, you can be pretty sure that it is legit, which is why Empire Flippers websites are usually in the upper end of the range. For example, it's quite common for websites on Empire Flippers to offer prices in the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

At the time of this writing, the cheapest website on Empire Flippers is still over $ 15,000.

What can you buy and sell?

Empire Flippers works for any type of online business. These include websites that are monetized through ads or partner products, as well as e-commerce companies, Amazon FBA companies, e-commerce, SaaS tools, and more.

Seller commissions

Empire Flippers uses a tiered commission structure – 15% for sales under $ 1 million and then progressively lower as deals get bigger. For sales over $ 10 million, it's 2%.

How to get started

If you want to sell For your online business, you need to submit a form to the Empire Flippers team. Again, they don't accept every website – they try to limit it to only high quality online companies with legitimate numbers.

If you want to buy As an online business, you need to register for an account and submit your license and proof of your available credit to unlock further details about offers. Empire Flippers ensures that only real buyers have access to detailed information about each company.

3. MicroAcquire


The idea is that you can turn a SaaS company that needs a little TLC into a success.

MicroAcquire anonymously connects buyers and sellers in its market. Once you're interested, you can connect to close the deal.

What can you buy and sell?

Again, MicroAcquire is intended for startups / SaaS tools with an ARR of less than USD 500,000.

This of course makes it a bit more restricted than platforms like Flippa or Empire Flippers. However, this also means that, as a buyer, you will only find exactly what you are looking for.

Seller commissions

MicroAcquire does not charge any commission and is free for both buyers and sellers.

However, there is a service called MicroAcquire Premium for buyers that gives buyers early access to offers (before the free buyers). This service costs $ 290 per year.

How to get started

To get started as a buyer or seller, all you need to do is register for an account.

4. FE International

FE International

In this respect it is similar to Empire Flippers. You won't find hundreds of listings but you will find ~ 30-40 really high quality companies making real money.

For example, the most expensive listing right now is a SaaS tool that has net income of $ 4 million per year. On the flip side, the cheapest website is a review website that has net income of around $ 20,000 per year.

If these are the kind of offers you are looking for or if your website meets these criteria then this might be the place for you.

What can you buy and sell?

FE International focuses on SaaS, ecommerce and content websites (e.g. blogs, review sites, etc.).

They perform due diligence on all of the properties they sell so you can be sure that only authenticated, established websites get to market.

Seller commissions

FE International's commission fee usually varies between 10 and 15% depending on the size of the store (lower commission for larger stores).

There are no listing fees. You only pay when your website sells and FE International has a 94.1% success rate. This means your website is likely to be sold.

How to get started

If you are a seller, the first thing you can do is contact the FE International team.

If you are a buyer, you must apply through the listing to request access to a listing's information. You can also submit a form to join the FE International Buyer Network.

5. Exchange


One of the unique things is that Shopify calculates actual sales from the store (using the Shopify API) – the sellers themselves cannot adjust the sales. This gives you some confidence that the numbers are real.

Exchange also enables anonymous communication and also supports escrow.

What can you buy and sell?

Again, Exchange is only for e-commerce stores. Shopify in particular stores. In fact, you have to use Shopify to list your store.

Seller commissions

It's free to list your business on Exchange. You only pay when your business sells. The commission rate is based on the list price of your store. You can see it when you put your business up for sale.

How to get started

If you're a seller, you can list your business by entering your Shopify business address.

If you are a buyer, all you need to do is register for one account to be able to send messages.

6. Motion Invest

Motion Invest

This is unique because not only can you list your website on the marketplace, but you can also sell it directly to the Motion Invest team (which eliminates the commission). You will also receive your money instantly.

What can you buy and sell?

Motion Invest doesn't list any specific criteria, but they seem to be primarily concerned with content websites that are monetized with affiliate offers.

Seller commissions

There are no commissions when you sell directly to Motion Invest. There are no listing fees to list on the Marketplace, but you pay 20% for sites under $ 20,000 and 15% above.

How to get started

If you want to sell your website, you can fill out a form to submit your website for sale.

To buy a website, you can browse the available offers and register for an account to view URLs.

7. BuySellEmpire


BuySellEmpire has a network of over 10,000 buyers / sellers and claims a 93% completion rate.

What can you buy and sell?

BuySellEmpire works for any type of online business, from content websites to e-commerce stores to SaaS tools and Amazon FBA companies.

Seller commissions

BuySellEmpire only charges a commission when your company sells. The commission is between 4 and 10% depending on how big the sale is.

How to get started

To sell your website you can fill out this form to receive a free review.

For buyers, BuySellEmpire doesn't have many active offers at the same time. Hence, it is best to join the email list to be informed of new offers.

8. SideProjectors


What can you buy and sell?

SideProjectors works for any type of online business including ecommerce stores, content pages, SaaS tools, and more.

Seller commissions

SideProjectors does not charge any commission. There are a few options for paying for premium offers when selling a project, but these are all under $ 10 per month.

How to get started

Just go to SideProjectors to browse all listings or submit your own.

9. Sedo


Sedo offers various options. You can buy / sell domain names at a fixed cost, sell / bid on a marketplace, or use Sedo's brokerage service (which can be a good option for high quality domain names).

What can you buy and sell?

Again it's Sedo for domain names only.

Seller commissions

Sedo's commission varies depending on the type of sale. Generally, however, you will pay between 10 and 15% of the final purchase price.

How to get started

Since you only sell domain names, it doesn't require the same level of privacy. Both buyers and sellers can simply drive to Sedo to get started.

10th Digital Point Forum

Digital Point Forum

What can you buy and sell?

Digital Point works for any type of website (and there is a separate forum for domain names too).

Seller commissions

There are no commissions to buy, sell, or list a website (which is a big reason you dig through effortless deals).

How to get started

To buy or sell, all you need to do is register for a Digital Point account and use the forum.

11. Freemarkt


It can be a great option for smaller, less established locations. The larger offers go to platforms like Empire Flippers, but Freemarket has many smaller offers.

What can you buy and sell?

Freemarket lets you list any type of website as well as standalone domain names.

Seller commissions

It is free to submit a basic list to Freemarket. You can also pay $ 30 to publish your listing or $ 25 to privatize your listing.

If your listing sells, you'll also pay a flat 5% commission.

How to get started

In order to post a listing or bid on a website, you must register for a account.

Some quick tips on buying and selling websites online

To conclude, let's go over some tips on how to buy and sell websites on any of these platforms.

For sellers

Receive multiple reviews – Most brokers offer free reviews so you can shop around to get different opinions on the value of your website.Don't be afraid to pay commissions – Paying a 15% commission is worth it when the broker brings you 25% more than you could have sold your solo website.Do you have the data – Make sure you have analytics, proof of sales, etc. If people are sure that you are getting the real deal, you will get a better price.Maintain privacy – Nobody wants to buy a website just to see how many competitors show up. Because of this, most established marketplaces keep things private and only give out the actual URL to verified buyers.Set up systems for key site promotions – Having existing systems in place makes it easier for your website to sell because the buyer can easily intervene. For example, there is a difference between writing all the content yourself (difficult to replicate) and having an existing content team (easy for the.) Buyers to trade).

For buyers

Do your due diligence – If you want to avoid making a mistake, stick with established marketplaces like Empire Flippers and FE International, which do much of the basic care for you.Know who you are as a buyer – Empire Flippers does a great job of promoting the six types of website buyers – know which one you are when you close a deal.Pay attention to the SEO – Make sure there aren't any fun stores (e.g. PBNs) that could make the site tank. Good marketplaces like Empire Flippers require sellers to state whether they have used PBNs.

Buy or Sell Your Website Today

At this point you are ready to buy or sell websites.

If you have an established website that is making thousands per month, or if you are looking to buy one, I recommend starting with "premium" brokers / marketplaces like Empire Flippers or FE International.

However, if you want a more diverse marketplace, Flippa is probably your best place to start.

Try them out and good luck with your acquisition or sale.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that we may pay a small commission when you make a purchase.

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