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How To Stop Water Damage Before It Starts

The steps you need to take to avoid disaster

A lot of my friends in LA ask me about the 4 steps to avoid water damage. I tell them, you can’t call it a step if it isn’t a jump! If you have flood damage, mold damage or other problems with your home, you need to take immediate action to minimize damage. Flood damage can be stopped in its tracks. But first…

The first step is to stop your water from leaking onto your property. This can be done in one of two ways: first, by sealing off the area to prevent any further leaks. You can use heavy duty electrical tape or some plastic exterior cable insulation. The second way is to install a sump pump. (If you don’t know how to do this, contact a professional water damage restoration company-they’ll be glad to help!)

The next four steps are for mitigating Los Angeles water damage. For those who have flood damage, you want to make sure you have non-slip flooring and non-breakable glass. For mold damage, you want to keep moldy areas well ventilated. And for any other type of water damage, you want to make sure you have adequate storage space for items that didn’t make it to the dry side of the building. (And don’t forget your personal items.)

After you’ve made all these adjustments to the area you live in, you need to address the source of the flooding. The most common cause of water damage is overflowing sewage pipes. If this is the case, call a plumber or an engineer to come out and assess the problem. They should be able to determine where the problem is, and if there’s any way to prevent the water from backing up into your house.

If you have a small amount of water damage, it’s easy to fix. All you have to do is clean up the mess! Here are the four most important steps to avoid water damage when cleaning up: don’t rub, wipe or spray! Wet materials can become slimy if you rub too hard.

Finally, if you’ve done everything you can to minimize damage, don’t panic. Water damage doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you smelled water damage hours after a storm, you still shouldn’t get panicky. In fact, it’s better to take action while you can rather than wait until the damage is done. Now that you know these four simple steps to avoid water damage in your home, take action!

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