How To Get Physically Fit

Mason misplaced 70 kilos. This is how:

Meet Mason, a Minnesota chemist currently looking to lose over 70 pounds as a member of our online coaching program.

As you can see, Mason has gone through the transformation quite a bit.

Here is what is really remarkable about this story: the time frame!

Mason found Nerd Fitness a year ago after Googling how to do fitness like a video game in January 2020.

The fact that THIS is the search that brought Mason to us makes me so damn happy.

Like many in the NF Rebellion, Mason felt at home with a group of nerds trying to improve themselves. After walking a bit alone, Mason decided that an NF trainer could help him achieve his goals.

He realized that he was facing a few challenges including:

Love of baked goods – “The thought of cutting out all the desserts and sweets made me unhappy.” Exercise programs that were too advanced – “I’ve always been told that knee push-ups are the easy way … but I couldn’t even do them.” Dunno How to Get Started – “There is an overwhelming amount of information out there when it comes to fitness. I wasn’t sure where to start. ”

Fortunately, Mason decided to take a correct route and course along the way.

365 days later, Mason feels like a new person.

Let’s dive into Mason’s journey and see what allowed him to destroy life … during a pandemic!


Mason before and after

# 1) MASON has taken action

At the end of 2019, Mason knew there was something to be given:

“After gaining 10 pounds over Christmas, I wanted to change something in the new year.”

The problem?

Mason wasn’t sure what to do!

He started to wonder:

Where should I start? What diet should i follow? How do I start exercising?

Like many of us, Mason started Googling for answers.

We were all in that rabbit hole …

A man at a computer

Fortunately, Mason eventually stopped looking online for more information and got to work.

This is an important point: research is great, but action is more critical.

Reading books about training is definitely helpful. However, no book will ever beat the convenience of trying a workout yourself.

Takeaway: Glad you read Nerd Fitness here to make your life better, but don’t forget the most important step: you need to get started!

Otherwise, you can spend your time collecting panties endlessly.


Mason before and after

In Mason’s own words, “Nerd Fitness was the first program that got down to my level of training.

When I started, my biggest fight was a push-up.

I’ve always been told that knee push-ups are the easiest variety … but I couldn’t even do them.

Even the pushups were too challenging. My trainer didn’t flinch, however, and programmed push-ups on the wall first.

A few weeks later, I switched to an incline push-up. It then took a couple of months before I got my first knee push-up. That was the sweetest feeling. “

Pirates shout hurray

“It was the first indication that the program was working and that I was actually making progress!

After two more months of training, I got my first full push-up.

Now I’ve started doing pushups with diamonds. “

Takeaway: We all start with a different level of experience. That’s okay! Don’t freak out if you can’t do a push-up (or even a knee push-up).

You have to beat level 1 before you can reach level 2. This is how any decent game (or fitness program) works. However, if you enter the time it will take you to the next level.

Or as Mason says, “Understand that this is a marathon. It takes time, but consistency is key. “

# 3) MASON CREATED SYSTEMS (instead of relying on motivation)

Mason before and after

Mason spoke of consistency and knew that he didn’t want to rely on “January Motivation” to achieve his goals.

So he created systems.

“I tried to make fitness a habit. That helped me stay consistent over the past year. I say to myself: Today is Monday. I train on Mondays, whether I feel like it or not. ‘“

A coach was also helpful for Mason’s new system.

“Coaching made me feel responsible for my schedule. Someone else would know if I didn’t work out that day.

But I’ve never felt ashamed or guilty. It was just uninterrupted encouragement. “

Takeout: When you set a goal, create a plan or system for how to get there.

Then ask yourself, “Am I doing what I set out to do?”

This practice will keep you going for much longer than a single motivational boost ever could.


Mason before and after

Like many of us, Mason loves cookies.

He knew that any program that would ban them entirely was doomed to fail.

So Mason makes them part of his plan:

“Learning balance and intention was important. For example, I’ve found that it’s okay to have a cookie. Just not ten. Every treat is a deliberate choice rather than pointless eating. “

But it wasn’t all “eat less of it”. On the other hand, Mason also had to make room on his plate for other nutritious foods.

“I tried to eat more protein. It’s a big change in mindset where I’m actually trying to eat more instead of less. “

Snack: When someone tells us they’re trying to eat healthier, we generally don’t tell them to stop eating specific things right away. Instead, we encourage them to eat more protein (chicken / legumes) and fiber (found in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains).

As Mason says, this is a big mindset change as most dieting advice amounts to “stopping it.”


Mason before and after

This is what Mason says:

“I wanted to join Nerd Fitness Coaching to structure my fitness journey.

I myself have tried to put together a plan from a variety of different sources. It was a little overwhelming.

Having a trainer who can put together a workout and answer all of my nutritional questions has helped me maximize my progress. They took my year-long goal and cut it into bite-sized pieces.

When I started my “big, impossible, never-to-be-achieved” goal was to get under £ 200 …

Well I am currently at 198 pounds and happy to groom. “

Takeout: 100% possible to use free articles and videos to help you achieve your goals! We have seen millions of rebels do amazing feats using just the free Nerd Fitness guides as a roadmap to getting ahead.

However, there are also restrictions when walking alone. You may not even appreciate that you had problems or stalled.

So learn to ask for help when in doubt.

It could come from a trained professional such as a trainer. Or just a friend who knows the way.

The important point is to realize when you have exhausted the progress yourself.

2021 is up and roaring

Mason before and after

I’m super proud of Mason and what he achieved.

If you personally didn’t meet your fitness goals last year, don’t go over them.

Most of us have been fortunate enough to only step on water thanks to Apocalypse Simulator 2020.

It seems like we’ll see the sequel too …

Regardless of what 2021 brings, if you have big goals this year, consider how you can strive for “consistency” with those goals.

How can you develop, even a little, every day?

This strategy enabled Mason to achieve his incredible results.

If you want some personal help for some consistency in 2021, our coaching program is the mess.

We have found that a plan that adapts to ever changing situations is really valuable during times like these!

So, if you think having a personal Yoda by your side can help with the challenges (and the challenges you didn’t even know about!), We are here to help.

Power Rangers support each other

With Nerd Fitness Coaching you get:

Trust in exactly what to do. You don’t have to log into our coaching app and follow the plan set for you. A program tailored to your needs. We’re not just going to say “do this workout” or “eat broccoli”. You can get this for free on the internet. We’ll find out what works best for you as an individual. Plus, if for some reason it doesn’t work, NBD. We will absorb this information as a non-judgmental scientist would, and together we will find a new way forward. A partner who will help you achieve your goals. Many people can set goals and achieve them themselves. But some of us can’t (personally, I needed a trainer to reach my fitness goals). If you’re struggling on your own, you know it’s okay to turn to an expert who knows the way.

If you want to get the most out of 2021, we’d love to be a part of your trip.

Here you can arrange a call to see if we are a good match:

Learn more about nerd fitness coaching!

If you decide not to try coaching, no problem. I’ll still be here, offering free guides and hackneyed jokes to help you improve your life.

But if you do decide to join, it might be your success story that I will share in late 2021.

Something similar happened to our friend Mason.

For the rebellion