How To Get Physically Fit

Must you make sofa as much as 5K? Don't make these 5 errors

If you want to run your first 5 km, you've come to the right place.

In today's guide, we'll cover frequently asked questions – and 5 mistakes – on the subject Couch up to 5K program::

Before we jump in …

A quick note: On July 18, 2020 we are hosting the Nerd Fitness 5K!

It will be virtual and everyone can participate.

If you go on it, that's perfectly fine.

Caught inside?

No problem, we also offer you several options. Our goal here is to bring us all together as a community.

Training begins on Monday June 8th.

Coach Jim will lead a training program twice a week for our Nerd Fitness Prime members:

The first session will cover a running / walking mission for the week.
The second session covers additional activities such as strength training, stretching, and proper sleep that you can do to prepare for the event.

Check out Nerd Fitness Prime and take part in our training missions!

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And so it goes back to Couch to 5K.

What is Couch to 5K? Why is the couch to 5K plan so popular?

These dogs are ready to leave the couch and run 5 km ... really.

"Couch to 5K" is a free program that allows people to drive from their couch to a 5K race in 9 weeks.

5K is an abbreviation for 5 kilometers or 5,000 meters or 3.1 miles.

This running program was invented by Josh Clark from CoolRunning WAY.

What's older, this 5K clip or couch? Difficult to tell.

It has now been copied and copied from every blog that is running. So we're going to refer to a generic "couch to 5K" program when we talk about it.

(When People ask the question, "How long does it take for Couch to finish on 5K?" It really depends on which program you choose.

It can be 6 weeks or 12 weeks or 9 weeks. Cooling Running's original couch to 5K plan lasted 9 weeks..

Here is the couch to 5K plan in a nutshell:

The program uses an extremely popular concept called interval training, which moves at different speeds during a running session, and specifies exactly what to do every day 6-12 weeks after the start.

The cool thing about Couch to 5K is that you know exactly how to exercise every day!

By varying your pace, your body has to adapt to different speeds, your heart and lungs have to adapt to different strenuous activities (and consequently become stronger / healthier).

As a result, you actually burn more calories and are better prepared for a race than if you only train at a constant pace.

In other words, interval training rocks and should be used by anyone who wants to run better.

Over the weeks, Couch slowly increases the time you spend running to 5 km and shortens the time you spend walking until you get to the point where you can actually walk 5 km without stopping.

Mr. Gump ran like 1,000 miles as he crossed America.


# 1) It is simple and clear. Print out a PDF or download an iPhone app. For the next 9 weeks, just do what it says:

Do that today.

Do that tomorrow.

To repeat.

We are all busy. Most of us live hectic lives. And programs that tell us exactly what to do allow us to follow instructions without having to find out for ourselves.

Not that we nerds over-analyze things so much that we give ourselves anxiety attacks …

# 2) Most people think running = weight loss. If you are new to health and fitness and are trying to lose weight, you are most likely overwhelmed with what to start with and how to exercise.

Are you going to sign up for gym membership, hire a coach, and do squats and deadlifts?

Rebel leader Steve shows how to do a 400kg deadlift in the gym.

As much as I wish this was the answer (it's probably the quickest way to change your body), it's often a bridge too far for many people.

So a majority of newbies equate running with weight loss (which may be true, but may not be, I'm explaining it here) and decides to start jogging around the block.

# 3) couch up to 5K is not overwhelming. It is a free program (or an inexpensive app) and very accessible.

Programs like P90X and Insanity are designed to appeal to people who consider themselves hardcore (whatever that means).

Couch to 5K appeals to people who are overwhelmed by the idea of ​​doing P90X or Insanity or by having the courage to go to Crossfit.

Couch up to 5K makes you think, "Maybe I can actually do this …", which is the most important part of any fitness trip: starting.

Homer wants to eat donuts, so he makes a couch up to 5K. Is he doing it right?

# 4) Everyone wants to "run a 5K". If you are new to health and fitness and you are working to achieve a good goal, "Run a 5km run this year" is a good place to start.

The distance is so short that you can pull it off with some training, even if you have to walk something or everything.
Practically every weekend there are 5 km, many of which collect money for charity or in an entertaining way.
Working with friends as a group is an amazing activity.
People are focused on success, progress and satisfaction – 5Ks are perfectly designed for this.

If you complete the couch on 5 km, train and see how you develop on a weekly basis. You can end a race and feel a sense of achievement. You go home with a medal that you can hang on your wall and that reminds you of the proud moment.

People are set for success like these trophies, which makes running a 5km run fantastic.

It could also get you in shape!

Maybe…We'll explore it soon.

If you're trying to get in shape, I mention our 1-to-1 online coaching program. I know of no better way to change than with the help of an expert who knows exactly what to do. We have helped hundreds of people run their first 5 km and helped others train for triathlons!

Let a nerd fitness coach explain how you can train exactly to your goals! Learn more:

Does Couch to 5K actually work? Will I lose weight when I make couch on 5K?

This LEGO wants his ice cream, so he jumps on a treadmill. Smart strategy?

"Steve, that's all right and good. But what do you REALLY think about bringing 5Ks and couch to 5K?"

Okay, you caught me. I have thoughts. I also got jokes (they are bad).


Think of this as a

Does the Couch to 5K program help you run a 5k? YES! If you actually stick to it throughout the training program.

Does the Couch to 5K program help you lose weight? MAYBE.

Is Couch to 5K a program that will make you permanently healthy? MAYBE.

Will Couch to 5K make me sexy and look damn good in a swimsuit? Maybe, but probably not.

Here is the truth about Couch to 5K: This also applies to popular programs like P90X or Insanity or other structured training programs:

It works totally and helps you lose weight if you do two things:

You actually close the program AND
You correct your diet.

ERROR # 1: Couch up to 5K doesn't work at all and will not help you lose weight if you do two things:

They actually complete the program BUT
You don't set your diet.

As sexy as it is to think that only one run helps you lose weight, the data does not save it. As Time Magazine rightly emphasized and shouted at years ago because it was telling the truth, exercise alone does not lead to weight loss.

I think this is especially true if exercise is just cardio at a constant pace.

Homer makes couch up to 5K ... week 1.

In fact, after starting an exercise routine, many people gain weight and become completely demoralized.

What gives?

As we say here at Nerd Fitness, you can't escape your fork, and nutrition accounts for 90% of the fight.

If you run a mile and then fill your face with extra calories "because you deserve it", you will gain weight.

I promise it's not because you have a slow metabolism. This is because you are consuming too many calories.

It is common Mistake # 1:: You cannot improve your diet if you are running for weight loss!

If this were a film, Nutrition Tom Cruise would be on a mission: Impossible and exercise is this fun buddy who helps Tom. Let's be real here, Tom does everything to make this film what it is.

Tom Cruise is the heart of Mission Impossible, just as nutrition is at the heart of weight loss.

Couch up to 5K helps people to run 5K.

That's it.

It is not meant to help you lose weight or build a body that you are proud of. It is also a temporary program that takes a certain number of weeks to run your 5K.

In order for Couch to 5K to be successful for you in the long term and help you lose weight, it must be the catalyst that prompts you to build a consistent long-term exercise habit and change your attitude to food.

Notice: You will never get “done”, so you have to enjoy the trip and look forward to doing sports every day.

You also have to train the right way to build the type of body you want! And eat right.

That is numero uno priority.

The tick knows that you cannot escape poor nutrition, even with a couch up to 5K.

I know that nutrition is a really challenging, complex, and controversial topic (keto? Paleo? Ah!), So we make it silly easy for smart, good looking, humble people like you.

In addition to our online coaching program to help you choose healthier foods, we've created a free 10-step draft NF diet that you can hang on your fridge on 5K PDF next to your couch.

Print it, hang it on your fridge, and follow the instructions to level up every 2 weeks! You can get yours for free by signing up in the box below:

Download our free weight loss guide

THE NERD FITNESS DIET: 10 levels to change your life

Follow our 10 tier nutrition system at your own pace
What you need to know about weight loss and healthy eating
3 simple rules that we follow every day to achieve the goal

Now that we have the "will I lose weight?" Things out of the way, I have two big questions to ask:

Do you like running

Are you healthy enough to run

Do you like to run at all?

Sonic runs 5 km before running 5 km.

Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman said it best: "Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, nobody wants to lift a heavy ass weight."

In other words, "Everyone wants to be in shape and look great, but nobody wants to use the work to actually get in shape and look great."

And yes, getting in shape is difficult; If it were easy, we would all look like Captain America and Wonder Woman.

Instead, 70% of America is overweight and 30 +% are obese. Damn.

That brings me back to the most important question of this entire 5K process:

Do you like to run at all?

Batman has to be fun, whether he likes it or not ... part of the crime fight is walking 5 km (ish).

The world is divided into three groups:

People who like to run and want to run.
People who do not like to walk, but will eventually learn to love it.
People who don't like to run and never like to run.

Here's the slightly customized quote from Ronnie Coleman: "Everyone wants to run a 5km run, but a lot of people don't like to run."

A 5km run is a great achievement and a rewarding fun goal, but it's only one of thousands of ways to "get in shape".

Many people feel like Andy Dwyer in parks and rec when they run.

An image showing a damaged character who runs too much when training on the couch at 5K.

Some people love this feeling of fear or pushing the boundaries, and that's great!

But for everyone else they do Mistake # 2: They force themselves to run even though they don't like it!

Before you start Couch to 5K, imagine this as a scientific experiment:

“I think it will help me to follow couch on 5K to drive 5K. I also assume that I enjoy the process, that I feel like I have run, that I like to run 5 km, and / or that I enjoy running 5 km. "

And that's all: an experiment to see if running is the type of exercise you want to consistently continue over the next few years.

When you are in couch on 5K for 2 weeks, you are unhappy and hate it: fantastic!

You just discovered that you hate running and are now free to NEVER RUN FOREVER. It doesn't make you a failure.

This means that your scientific experiment has resulted in a result that you can now use to make future practice decisions.

Treat your couch to 5K experience as an experiment to see if you have fun running.

Again, it doesn't make you a mistake.

It just means that you've found some kind of exercise that doesn't work for you.

If you discover that you LOVE to walk and how you feel about it: fantastic! You can now make running part of your normal workout routine. Combine this with a good nutritional strategy and you will build a runner's body. And you've found something you can do for the rest of your life.

When you run to prove yourself because a friend does it, because you raise money for charity or anything else: fantastic! Make a couch up to 5K and then decide whether this is the strategy that you enjoy and that you want to stay with.

Do not Mistake # 2: If you do this ONLY to lose weight and it makes you unhappy, stop it. Don't run. Each.

No, you don't have to run if you don't like it. We promise.

Instead, choose an exercise that you actually enjoy. But not because the exercise will help you lose weight – because an exercise that you love is a constant reminder of "I make healthier choices and should probably eat healthier!"

If weight loss is your primary goal, I would recommend our beginner body weight routine, which you can do at home, and combine it with our "Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating". I can promise that if you read these strategies and implement them in your life, you will see results without ever having to step on a treadmill.

Phew! Okay, that covers "Do you really like walking?"

There is another important question to ask yourself before you start …

Are you healthy enough to run a 5K?

Being followed by zombies is a great way to get you off the couch and do a 5km run.

Just because you want to run doesn't mean that you should definitely start.

It could be a quick route to injury, disappointment and misery!

These are literally three of my least preferred things. The fourth is brunch. (1)

You won't find Steve at brunch chugging mimosa like this lady.

Back to your health: are you physically ready to run?

When you reach or are approaching your target weight, it is a good idea to start an ongoing program.

Read the section below on "How not to injure yourself on the Couch to 5K" and get started.

If you are obese or very overweight, I think (Power) WALKING a 5K is a great goal for the immediate future.

I think however Mistake # 3 would Running a 5K before you properly prepare your body for it! Actually, run prematurely without considering your weight This can damage your joints and ligaments and cause you to fall back a whole bunch.

WHAT I WOULD DO: Focus on healthy eating, make it a habit of going for a daily walk, and follow a strength-building routine for beginners like the Beginner Bodyweight Circuit.

This creates a solid foundation for strength, nuclear strength and endurance.

Download our free body weight training worksheet by signing up in the box below:

Grab your worksheet for routine body weight beginners. No gym required!

Perform this workout at home with no equipment required
Avoid the most common mistakes everyone makes when doing bodyweight exercises
Find out how you can finally get your first pull-up

Here's why you should focus on strength and nutrition before tapping the sidewalk for hours:

When you start losing weight, the strain on your joints, organs, bones, etc. decreases significantly.
As you train strength, the ligaments that hold your body together are stronger and better prepared for the rigors of running.
As you refine your running form to minimize resistance and shocks throughout your body, your body learns to become more efficient.
As you get closer to your target weight, you can start increasing your speed from power walking to jogging – with the right running technique (see below) – and staying healthy.

"STEVE, I was very excited to run 5 km, and now you've demoralized me. I am overweight, but I still want to run! "

Okay, okay, okay, good! I don't want to stop you from training, I want to help you build momentum and make you antifragile.

Was the Hulk shredded by 5Ks? Or was it something radioactive?

Of course you will do what you will do, and if you want to run before you are physically ready, do it!

Just do it safely, please! Read the following section about the correct running technique!

I would still advise you to focus on strength training, hiking, long walks on the beach. Low impact activities that strengthen your body rather than worsen it.

But you do, boo.

If you need help getting in shape and driving your 5K, we've got you covered! We help men and women as well as self-confident robots with our 1-to-1 online coaching program. We offer nutritional advice, professional accountability and individual training!

Let a nerd fitness coach make a plan so you can run a 5K!

How to start the Couch to 5K program

If you have to chase a dog, you're off the couch and running without trying.

"Steve, I'm in. I've read all the jazz upstairs and I'm ready to get started. No matter if I walk or run, I want to start the couch on 5 km!"

When you're ready to run the Couch to 5K program, you can download the following program, which I think is the original Couch to 5K program (they made it pretty difficult to find!).

The reason why it's hard to find is because they're pushing people to the official Couch to 5K app.

This picture shows you the original couch to 5K plan.

Here is another one that I found on

This picture shows you another couch to 5K plan.

For us nerds, I would be a failure if I didn't mention the super fun Zombies Run! Appwho uses interval training combined with fun audio cues and video game mechanics during your running sessions.

What would I do next after downloading the program? Do the first training day!

These soldiers are ready to launch couch on 5K. Or fight against orcs, whichever happens first.

I would also recommend finding a race in 2-3 months and signing up for it even if you are not ready yet.

Recruit a friend or two to train and race with you!

Doing these things creates instant motivation and responsibility.

It's the strategy that Jaime from Nerd Fitness used to get in shape: sign up for races in the future for which she wasn't quite ready.

She also trained strength and dramatically revised her diet, but she used races as great motivational events to stay on target!

Jamie used an upcoming race as motivation for her weight loss journey.

HOW TO FIND 5K IN YOUR CITY: Let me google that for you. Enter "5K + (your city)" and I bet 5k pending every weekend for the rest of the year. The Couch to 5K app also lists local races for you.

To sum it up again:

Choose a race that is fun and raises money for a good cause
Recruit a friend or two
Do your first day of running!

It'll be shit and you'll be fine. You are getting better!

That's exactly what I did years ago when I dressed up like 20 a caveman with 20 of my friends and raised thousands of dollars so that children with cancer can go to the summer camp!

How Not to Get Hurt Training for a 5K

This LEGO runs 5Ks while running in front of people who want to stick it to things.

If you don't learn how to walk properly, you are doomed to develop an overload injury and that will nullify the whole reason why you started running at all!

This is mistake # 4: Shit running form!

As you run, put several hundred pounds of pressure on your joints and ligaments with every step of the street.

This is then repeated thousands of times in the course of training and a race.

No wonder that almost every runner has countless stories about injuries he has had to deal with. It can be a brutal activity that can wreak havoc even with good running mechanics.

If the running mechanics are poor, the results will be reinforced.

Pay attention to your running technique, otherwise something can go wrong!

And not the GOOD kind of compound interest that you learned in 2nd grade history, starting at 1 penny a day and doubling it every day for 30 days.

The bad kind of "compounded" like plantar fasciitis and stress fractures and sore IT ligaments and torn ligaments and crazy pain all the time.

We don't want that.

In this section I will deal with the correct running technique in detail. So if you already have a perfect running shape, you can skip this section. But I read it anyway.

Yes, you should probably read it.

Here are the "5 steps to avoid sucking while running a 5km run" thanks to my friend Jason Fitzgerald from Strength Running:

1) Lean off your ankles.

A GIF that shows you the correct running shape for your couch up to 5K (lean forward).

Lean away from your ankles and keep a straight line from your ankle over your butt to your head.

If you stand still with this slight forward tilt, you should feel like you are falling forward.

When you start running, gravity helps you move forward. A correct incline from the ankles keeps your body in alignment and puts a proper and efficient strain on your muscles.

2) Increase your cadence. The cadence is your cadence or the number of steps you take per minute. It will probably seem strange at first glance, but less strain on your legs with shorter foot strokes.

Your cadence should be at least 170-190 steps per minute if you run at a simple, talkative pace. It will likely increase as soon as you run faster – this is normal.

"Steve, what the hell do I do with" 170-190 steps per minute? "

Good question. Go to Spotify and look for playlists with 170-190 BPM like this one I found here:

Not on Spotify? Cool. (But how, why?) To get a cadence, try running to Outkast's "Hey Ya" and adjusting your steps to match the beat. This is the cadence you are looking for:

Research has shown (2) that increasing the cadence and doing more steps (around 180 per minute) offers many of the same benefits of walking barefoot: less impact shock that pulls your legs up, improved running economy (or your efficiency, which means that you run faster with less effort!) and less risk of injury.

You will feel like you are taking far more steps than normal – that means you were probably in bad shape before and now fix it!

When your legs reach the point where they drive so fast, let me know:

3) Kick your foot at the right time. When your foot comes down and touches the floor, it should be under your body and not in front of it.

This GIF shows that your foot should be under you while running.

In combination with a fast cadence and a slight forward inclination of your ankles, you distribute the impact shock evenly and efficiently.

This aspect of running is often skipped by beginners.

Instead of focusing on where the foot lands in relation to the rest of the body, they focus too much on walking on their forefoot. If you don't land in the right place first, a midfoot or forefoot strike will only do more damage.

While you're running, it's a good mental clue to think that you're just putting your foot in a straight line under your body.

There is no reaching or stretching of your leg in front of you. If you practice this mental note, your leg will sit almost exactly under your center of gravity and distribute your weight evenly and safely.

4) Land on your midfoot. Although it is not that important to land under focus, there are a number of advantages to becoming a midfielder.

This GIF shows that your foot should come down in the middle of your foot when running.

It can help you avoid a lot of injuries by absorbing an impact shock and preventing a heavy running step.

Heel strike cannot be fully blamed for injuries and can be described as "bad".

Even elite athletes strike when they run races! It's not too bad – especially if you put pressure on your foot immediately after the heel strike, rather than directly on the heel. (3)

What you should focus on is a higher cadence that lands under your body and does not hit the heel aggressively.

Try to land flat on the floor with your feet instead of tilting your toes up. (4)

5) Symmetrical arm swing. Nobody wants to watch you run when you spin your arms wildly like Elaine dancing from Seinfeld.

Don't do that while running ... maybe dance ... maybe. Def not during a 5K.

With an ideal arm swing, the arm is bent about 90 degrees and the swing from front to back (not from side to side).

As this GIF shows, keep your arms at about 90 degrees while running.

Imagine a fake line that runs along your midline or the middle of your body. When you run, your hands should not cross this imaginary line.

Grasp your hands loosely (no clenched fists!) And if you want to use your arms for momentum, pump your elbows, not your hands.

Once you've incorporated these changes into your running form, you'll feel much more comfortable and your risk of injury will decrease.

Learn to walk quietly and quietly for additional credit. Stomping is not allowed and becomes more difficult as you approach 180 steps per minute.

A few other things you might want to consider:

Keep your back high, chest up. No sleeping.
Look 30-50 meters in front of you – not with your head down and look at your toes.

Both are simple pointers to maintain a sporty posture and a good running form.

Go back and read this section a few more times. We know there's a lot to think about when running, but it's incredibly important. If you have a chance, let someone film you and then watch your tape to see how you are doing.

I should note that we offer form exams to our coaching clients. With our fantastic app you can record a video of your running form or exercise technique and send it directly to your trainer! This way you can know your running and training safely and correctly!

Have a nerd fitness coach check your running form. Sit back by clicking here!

10 tips and tricks for training your 5K

The Flash has failed its running technique ... and can run 5K in less than a second.

While the Couch to 5K program specifically describes how you should exercise, it still omits some important things (like the technique I covered above!).

After you've selected your 5K training program, here's how you can actually do your training!

# 1) Recruit a responsible partner. Let someone work out with you (or at least someone you tell about your workout) so that you can check in with each other every day.

A friend can be a great asset when it comes to bringing couch to 5K.

Do you want to be devilish

Geben Sie jemand anderem 100 Dollar von Ihrem Geld. Und sag ihnen, dass du dich jeden Tag nach deinem Training bei ihnen melden wirst. Wenn du deinen Lauf nicht machst, spenden sie 50 US-Dollar dieses Geldes für eine politische Sache, die du hasst.

Während Sie die Gewohnheit des Laufens aufbauen, müssen Sie den Schmerz, Ihren Lauf zu überspringen, größer machen als den Schmerz, den Lauf zu machen.

Tun Sie dies so oft, bis Sie genug Schwung aufgebaut haben und sich auf die Läufer hochhaken, damit Sie sich tatsächlich auf das Training freuen.

# 2) Vorher aufwärmen, danach strecken. Machen Sie vor Ihren Läufen keine statischen Strecken. Es tut nicht das, was Sie denken (5). Stattdessen wärmen Sie Ihre Muskeln durch aktive Bewegung auf.

Führen Sie vor dem Laufen ein dynamisches Aufwärmen durch. Setzen Sie dies fort, indem Sie leicht joggen, hohe Knie gehen und Ihre Muskeln durch Bewegung aufwärmen.
Führen Sie nach dem Laufen die folgende Abkühlroutine durch. Stretching nach für den Sieg!

# 3) Machen Sie es zum ersten, was Sie jeden Tag tun. Machen Sie es sich zur Gewohnheit, morgens als erstes zu laufen, wenn das Leben keine Chance hatte, sich in den Weg zu stellen.

Schlafen Sie in Ihrer Laufkleidung.

Stellen Sie Ihren Wecker / Ihr Telefon quer durch den Raum. Stellen Sie Ihre Laufschuhe an die Tür. Indem Sie Ihre Batcave hacken, minimieren Sie die Schritte zwischen Ihnen und der neuen Gewohnheit, die Sie aufbauen möchten.

# 4) Krafttraining erleichtert das Laufen. Wenn Sie 1-2 Trainingseinheiten pro Woche (an Tagen, an denen Sie nicht laufen) absolvieren, können Sie Fett verbrennen, Muskeln aufbauen und verletzungsfrei bleiben.

Befolgen Sie unsere Anfänger-Routine für das Körpergewicht, keine Ausrüstung erforderlich. Wir lassen Sie stattdessen mit Ihren Möbeln trainieren:

Be careful here, but a table can be great for creating inverted rows from it.

Wenn Sie sich für unseren kostenlosen wöchentlichen Newsletter anmelden, sende ich Ihnen ein PDF des Trainings, damit Sie Ihre Fortschritte verfolgen können.

Grab your worksheet for routine body weight beginners. No gym required!

Perform this workout at home with no equipment required
Avoid the most common mistakes everyone makes when doing bodyweight exercises
Find out how you can finally get your first pull-up

# 5) Mach dir keine Sorgen um deine Schuhe, wenn du anfängst. Tragen Sie alle Schuhe, die Sie haben, damit Sie sofort mit dem Aufbau der Gewohnheit beginnen können. Wenn Sie anfangen zu laufen, lesen Sie unseren Artikel über richtiges Schuhwerk und holen Sie sich bessere Tritte.

Machen Sie es sich ein wenig bequem, bevor Sie in neue Schuhe investieren ... weil Sie vielleicht nicht gerne laufen.

Gleiches gilt für „Laufkleidung“. Lassen Sie dies keine Eintrittsbarriere sein.

Beginnen Sie zuerst mit dem Laufen und stellen Sie sicher, dass es Ihnen gefällt, bevor Sie hart verdientes Geld für Dinge ausgeben, die Sie nicht verwenden werden.

# 6) Melde dich so früh wie möglich für dein Rennen an. Verwenden Sie 20 Sekunden Mut, wenn Sie müssen, aber verpflichten Sie sich zum Rennen.

Wenn Sie sich nicht anmelden, ist es viel wahrscheinlicher, dass Sie zurücktreten, wenn das Leben beschäftigt ist.

Melden Sie sich jetzt für 5K an! Sei nicht zu beschäftigt wie diese Katze.

Wenn Sie jedoch im Voraus dafür bezahlen und andere Leute dazu bringen, mit Ihnen zu laufen, werden Sie positiven Gruppenzwang ausüben, um Ihre Verpflichtungen einzuhalten.

# 7) Deine Rennzeit spielt keine Rolle! Wen interessiert es, ob Sie die letzte Person sind, die fertig ist? Wie der Rock uns gelehrt hat, spielt es keine Rolle.

The Rock ist es egal, wie viel Zeit Sie für 5 km haben!

Wichtig ist, dass Sie etwas beenden, das Sie begonnen haben. Das ist eine große Leistung für sich.

# 8) Starten Sie einen Laufclub oder treten Sie einem bei der Arbeit bei – Je mehr Menschen, mit denen Sie sich umgeben, die Dinge tun, die Sie tun möchten, desto besser. Treffen Sie sich mit Läufern, die schneller sind als Sie.

Sie sind der Durchschnitt der 5 Personen, mit denen Sie am meisten in Verbindung stehen. Sie können also genauso gut mit schnelleren, gesunden Läufern in Verbindung treten.

# 9) Sie haben keine persönliche Laufgemeinschaft? Das ist cool! Tritt der Pfadfindergilde bei der Nerd Fitness Rebellion bei.

Es ist der Teil unserer Community, der Laufen, Radfahren, Schwimmen und andere Aktivitäten auf Distanz ausführt!

# 10) Mieten Sie einen Trainer. Abgesehen davon, dass eine Gruppe von Freunden oder Kollegen Sie zur Rechenschaft zieht, kann ein Coach, der sich routinemäßig bei Ihnen und Ihren Fortschritten meldet, ein Glücksfall sein. Wir haben Tonnen von Menschen dabei geholfen, die Gewohnheit des Laufens aufzubauen!

Übung kann tatsächlich Spaß machen! Arbeiten Sie mit einem Nerd Fitness Coach zusammen, um Ihre Ziele zu erreichen:

Was mache ich nach der Couch bis 5k?

Was machst du nach dem Laufen deines 5K? Du isst!!!

Du hast es durch das Training geschafft und bist deine ersten 5 km gelaufen / gelaufen! Ich bin so stolz auf dich.


A +.

Nachdem Sie Ihre ersten 5 km erfolgreich abgeschlossen haben, fragen Sie sich möglicherweise, was Sie als Nächstes tun sollten. Wieder laufen oder nicht …

Viele neue Läufer lieben die Atmosphäre bei einem Rennen. die Nummernaufnahme, die Motivationsrede vor dem Rennen, die jubelnde Menge und das Überqueren der Ziellinie.

Oh, und das Bier und Essen nach dem Rennen ist das beste Essen und Trinken, das Sie je probiert haben.

Nachdem sich die Aufregung gelegt hat, müssen Sie sich fragen, was Sie als Nächstes tun möchten.

Ihre drei Optionen:

Schneller laufen: Melden Sie sich für weitere 5 km an, trainieren Sie weiter und versuchen Sie, Ihre vorherige Rennzeit zu übertreffen.
Länger laufen: Vielleicht möchten Sie ein längeres Rennen wie ein 5-Meilen-Rennen oder ein 10-Kilometer-Rennen fahren oder einen größeren Drachen wie Halbmarathons oder Marathons töten.
Wählen Sie eine andere Aktivität: Der Wechsel von Couch zu 5K zu Couch hilft Ihnen überhaupt nicht. Temporäre Änderungen führen zu temporären Ergebnissen.

Beachten Sie, dass es keine vierte Option gab, die normalerweise jeder wählt:

"Setz dich wieder auf die Couch"

Das ist Fehler Nr. 5: Ich habe keinen Plan, nach Couch bis 5K weiter zu trainieren!

Wie wir bei Nerd Fitness sagen: „Temporäre Änderungen führen zu temporären Ergebnissen.“

Also musst du als nächstes ETWAS tun, sonst wäre all diese harte Arbeit und Ausbildung umsonst gewesen!

Benötigen Sie Hilfe, um herauszufinden, wohin Sie von hier aus gehen sollten? Ich habe dich!

Wählen Sie die Option aus, die am besten zu Ihren Zielen und Ihrem Zeitplan passt:

# 1) Wir haben eine Reihe von NF Coaching-Kunden, die für 5 km, 10 km, Halbmarathons und harte Mudder trainieren. Wenn Sie Schritt für Schritt wissen möchten, wie Sie Gewicht verlieren, besser essen und für Rennen trainieren können, schauen Sie sich unseren Killer an 1-zu-1-Coaching-Programm::

Lassen Sie sich von Ihrem Nerd Fitness Coach ein Training entwerfen, mit dem Sie Rennen starten können!

2) Exercise at home and need a plan to follow? Do you have any questions you need to answer? Join Nerd Fitness Prime!

Nerd Fitness Prime includes home exercise routines, live streaming workouts with NF trainers, a supportive online community, group challenges, and more!

Find out more about Nerd Fitness Prime!

3) Mach mit bei der Rebellion! We need good people like you in our community, the Nerd Fitness Rebellion.

Melden Sie sich im Feld unten an, um sich anzumelden und die zu erhalten Nerd Fitness Starter Kit, einschließlich der 15 Fitnessfehler, die Sie nicht machen möchten, und unseres Leitfadens zur effektivsten Ernährung und warum sie funktioniert

Holen Sie sich Ihr KOSTENLOSES Nerd Fitness Resource Kit

15 Fitnessfallen, die Sie vermeiden sollten
Umfassender Leitfaden für Anfänger zur Paleo-Diät
BONUS: Wie Sie Ihr Leben verbessern und der Held Ihrer eigenen Geschichte sein können

4) Schauen Sie sich diese anderen Ressourcen an:

Um unseren Leitfaden auf der Couch den 5K-Plan zusammenzufassen, sind dies die 5 Fehler vermeiden:

Ein 5K kann ein guter Weg sein, um Gewicht zu verlieren. Es hängt ganz von Ihrer Ernährung ab. Das gleiche gilt buchstäblich für JEDES Trainingsprogramm. (Fehler Nr. 1: Ernährungsumstellung nicht ändern)
Couch bis 5K kann ein großartiges Programm für Sie sein oder auch nicht. Es hängt davon ab, wie viel Spaß Sie am Laufen haben und was Sie sich erhoffen, um aus dem Programm herauszukommen. (Fehler Nr. 2: nicht wirklich gerne laufen)
Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie fit genug sind, um die Strapazen des Laufens zu ertragen! Wenn Sie stark übergewichtig sind, bringen wir Sie ZUERST in Form, bevor wir Ihre Knie und Gelenke für Tausende von Laufschritten belasten. (Fehler Nr. 3: Laufen, bevor Sie bereit sind)
Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre Lauftechnik solide ist. Das erspart Ihnen jahrelange Schmerzen und Verletzungen. (Fehler Nr. 4: Laufen mit falscher Form)
Rekrutiere einen Freund oder finde einen Weg, um verantwortlich zu bleiben Also machst du tatsächlich das Rennen!
Wen interessiert deine Rennzeit? Nur das Rennen zu beenden, sollte Ihr Ziel sein.
Wenn Sie das Rennen beendet haben, entscheiden Sie, ob Sie weiterlaufen möchten oder wenn Sie eine andere Aktivität auswählen. (Fehler Nr. 5: Kein anderes Ziel haben, nachdem du deine 5K abgeschlossen hast)

Okay, du bist dran. Ich würde gerne Ihre Erfahrungen hören, wenn es um das Training für 5 km geht und wenn Ihnen der Prozess gefallen hat.

Haben Sie Couch auf 5K getan? Bist du dabei geblieben?

Auf welche Herausforderungen sind Sie unterwegs gestoßen?

Teile es in den Kommentaren unten!


PS: Ich werde Sie mit einer letzten Erinnerung an unsere verlassen 1-zu-1-Coaching-Programm. Wenn Sie von der Tatsache überwältigt sind, dass Sie nicht rennen müssen, um in Form zu kommen, aber nicht wissen, wo Sie sonst anfangen sollen, haben wir Sie.

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