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NerdWallet App Assessment – A Tremendous Useful Cash Managing App

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Welcome to my NerdWallet app review!

Are you looking for a new money app to help better your finances?

NerdWallet started out as a personal finance website back in 2009 with the goal of helping consumers make better personal finance decisions.  They now have a super helpful money management app that I am going to talk more about today.

The NerdWallet app makes it easy to learn what you need to do to master your money. With the NerdWallet app, you can stay on top of things all in one place and maximize what you already have with tailored insights and clear next steps.

And, you can’t go wrong with the NerdWallet app.

Today, the website and the app provides financial guidance to more than 160 million consumers every year (yes, 160 million!). 

You can download the NerdWallet app for free through the App Store and on Google Play.

With the NerdWallet app, you can track your credit score, see your net worth, and manage your cash flow all through your phone. Plus, this money app gives you the tips and advice you need to improve your financial situation.

This app is great because it helps you make better informed decisions.

The NerdWallet app analyzes your financial situation once you link your accounts, and gives you recommendations such as:

How much interest you can earn by switching over to a high yield savings account
Actionable tips you can use to increase your credit score
Giving you a detailed summary on how much you’ve spent, your upcoming bills, and how much money you have left
Letting you know how to get the most from the cards and financial products you have
Analyzes and recommends ways to grow your existing savings by earning more interest and reducing fees

And much more.

Here is my NerdWallet review.


What is NerdWallet?

NerdWallet is an American personal finance company, founded in 2009 by Tim Chen and Jacob Gibson.

On the NerdWallet website, they write about saving money, investing, mortgages, student loans, insurance, credit cards, and more with the aim of helping readers learn how to grow their money, discover the best financial products, and manage their money better.

NerdWallet’s goal is to make it easy to make smart money moves, and it shows!


This is the credit score tab in the NerdWallet app. Here, you’ll see your credit score as well as tips on how you can build it.

What is the NerdWallet app?

The NerdWallet app is a money app that allows you to:

Get a clear view of your finances. You’ll be able to see your credit score, account balances, spending, and more. The NerdWallet app helps you know how much you have as well as how you are spending it.
You can track your credit score with the app and see a detailed breakdown of the factors that impact your credit score.
See your net worth. With the NerdWallet app, you can link your accounts to see your savings, checking account, and more.
Use your credit card rewards as efficiently as possible. With the NerdWallet app, you can see the rewards rates on each of your credit cards so that you know which card to use where so that you can get the highest rewards or cash back.

Once you download the app and link your financial accounts, the app analyzes your credit score, total debt, spending and saving behavior, and helps you get more for your money.

It’s very easy to use and it is free!


Is NerdWallet app safe?

The NerdWallet app is safe.

NerdWallet does not store bank passwords or credentials.

When you download the app, this is what you’ll see on the homepage. You’ll see your net worth, credit score, cash flow, and more.

Is NerdWallet a free app? How can I sign up?

Yes, this is a free app and it is easy to connect your accounts and get started.

You can download the NerdWallet app for free through the App Store and on Google Play.


Is the NerdWallet app worth it?

Yes, I believe that the NerdWallet app is worth it.

It is free, and has many features. The app is easy to use and very clean looking.

The insight and tools that NerdWallet provides are something that I find extremely informative and helpful.

You can discover the insights you need to master your money with NerdWallet’s free app. Available on the App Store and on Google Play.

Questions for you: Which app is best for saving money? Do you have the NerdWallet app?

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