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The eight finest touchdown web page builders to enhance your conversions

If you want more email subscribers, leads, and sales, you need to create conversion-oriented landing pages.

You can just hit a form on a regular website, but this doesn't provide the conversion rates you need to grow your business.

The solution is a dedicated landing page builder.

But What is the best landing page builder?

The answer to this question now depends on your requirements (e.g. budget, functionality, integration, complexity, etc.).

In this post, I will post my favorite landing page tools and some insights to help you decide which tool is best for your circumstances.

Let's dive right in:

The best landing page creators for 2020

Let's take a look at the best landing page software first:

1. Lead Pages

Leadpages is more than landing page software – it is a platform for lead generation.

With a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can not only create landing pages with high conversion, but also entire websites with a focus on conversion.

You also get access to lead generation features like creating warning bars and popovers. There are also lead links that allow users to sign in with a click of a link, and lead digits, which are SMS campaigns to build your email list.

… all of this is hosted for you.

Combine this with no traffic, lead, landing page count, numerous integrations, etc., and you have a pretty powerful lead generation solution.

In fact, you don't need a website to provide landing pages because you can easily host everything on a Leadpages URL (note: annual plans come with a free domain name).

And if you use WordPress, you can access your landing pages with just a few clicks using your own plugin. The added benefit is that Leadpages hosts everything for you. So while pages are showing in your domain, your web host is not affected.

They have over 200 templates, some of which include checkout pages built into Stripe. This is fantastic if you want to create entire sales funnels.

However, it would be nice if templates were arranged in sets like Thrive Optimize, but it is extremely rare that this can be found in a tool. It's also worth noting that they don't have many website templates yet, although this is a new feature, so they're likely to add more soon.

Outstanding functions of lead pages:

No traffic and leads restrictions – Unlike some platforms, lead pages don't limit you to traffic or leads. The same applies to the number of landing pages, warning bars and popovers that you can create.Host and build your entire website – The website builder is fairly simple and doesn't have the flexibility of WordPress, but sometimes it's just what you need.WordPress integration – Drag your landing pages into WordPress with just a few clicks.Facebook and Instagram Ad Builder – Create ads directly on lead pages.Unlimited A / B split testing – While split tests are not available for the lowest plan, there are no traffic restrictions or the number of tests you can run.Checkout widgets and pages built into Stripe – Do you want to create checkout pages that are built into Stripe? You can! A number of templates are included, but you can add the widget to any page or popover.Lead magnet hosting + delivery – Would you like to create your email list with lead magnets or content upgrades? You can do all of this on lead pages.

Lead Pages Prices:

Plans start at $ 25 / month (paid annually) for a standard plan. For split tests, however, you need a pro plan or higher. I would highly recommend peeling the extra out and doing split tests – this is an important feature for landing page optimization.

2. Thrive Optimize (WordPress only)

Thrive Optimize is technically two plugins: Thrive Architect and a split testing addon.

I've used (and written about) WordPress page builders extensively over the years, and Thrive Optimize is the best overall solution I've come across.

While there are many other page builders who can create landing pages, the development of this plugin is being driven by a team that focuses heavily on conversions – and doesn't just make things look pretty.

Thrive Optimize

You get a fully functional visual drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create your own custom landing pages. We are talking about a real front-end editor with a lot of flexibility and design elements. It doesn't hang while loading so you can work quickly.

There is a large library of templates that contain marketing pages. Lead generation pages, product launch pages, sales pages, webinar pages, etc.

One of the things I like about the design of the templates is that they are organized in groups. So you can create your entire sales funnel with matching pages.

What about API integrations with email marketing tools, etc.? Thrive Optimize has more integrations than I see in most SaaS platforms.

The split testing addon I mentioned is incredibly easy to use, so you don't have to get involved in integrating a third-party tool. If you want to improve your conversions, you'll need to run split tests (best practice is just a starting point).

Since Thrive Optimize is a WordPress plugin, there are no traffic or page restrictions. Create as many pages as you want and provide these pages with as much traffic as your web host can handle. The same goes for split tests – this can be incredibly inexpensive compared to some SaaS alternatives (I'll go into that in a moment).

Note: If you use this landing page tool and don't want to use WordPress, you can set up WordPress in a separate subfolder or subdomain.

Thrive Optimize outstanding features:

One of the best drag and drop editors I've ever used – It may not be the easiest, but it offers incredible potential for adaptation. You get full front-end editing and advanced features like the ability to hide certain elements on mobile devices. Oh, and it's damn fast too!Incredibly simple A / B split test functionality – Split tests should be easy, and that's exactly what we have with Thrive Optimize. This means you are more likely to use it. However, no advanced functions such as CDN integration, geo-targeting or click tracking are found.Deep integration with other Thrive Themes products – If you have installed other products such as Thrive Leads (registration forms), Thrive Ovation (testimonials) and Thrive Quiz Builder (viral quiz), unlock additional items to put them on your landing pages.

Thrive Pricing Optimize:

Prices start at $ 127 12 months of support and lifetime updates. Outside of the first 12 months, you only have to pay a top-up fee for support.

Alternatively, you can opt for that Thrive Themes membership This gives you access to all plugins, unlimited support and unlimited updates for up to 25 websites. Membership plans start at $ 19 / month (paid annually).

3. Instapage

Instapage focuses 100% on the creation and optimization of landing pages.

As such, you can expect an extremely robust and sophisticated builder. While most builders are limited to a block style layout, Instapage has a feeling similar to designing and aligning images with a tool like Canva or Photoshop.


You'll also get CRO features that you would normally have to spend money on for other tools. For example, heat maps to keep track of where visitors click (or don't click) and dynamic text replacement.

Includes conversion analysis, unlimited A / B testing, and a collaboration platform – sub-accounts and team member accounts are included.

While Instapage is an incredibly powerful platform, its core plan is very limited in number of pages – they only allow 30 published landing pages.

Outstanding features of Instapage:

Extremely flexible visual editor – Add conversion-oriented elements exactly where you want them.Heat map tracking – If you can track clicks, scrolling depth, and mouse movements, UX / CRO problems can be uncovered. This is ideal for your bottom line and for your users.Dynamic text replacement – Use URL parameters to show visitors personalized versions of your landing pages. Excellent for mapping landing page and ad copy for higher conversions.

Instapage prices:

Pricing starts at $ 149 / month (with annual payment). Available corporate accounts that unlock features such as AMP pages, audit logs, and more.

4. OptimizePress 3 (WordPress only)

OptimizePress is a landing page builder created especially for WordPress.

The old version was replaced by a new plugin that was created from scratch.

If you are looking for a landing page solution with less learning effort, this is a good option.

OptimizePress 3

The visual editor does not allow the same level of adjustment as Thrive Architect / Optimize, but is easier to find.

The plugin contains a variety of email integrations, including popular tools such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip and Mailerlite.

You can create pages from scratch or start with one of over 50 premium landing page templates.

One feature that I particularly like is the ability to add conversion-optimized sections. For example, if you want to add a testimonial block, you can add a pre-made section. You can customize some things and quickly adapt them to your side.

With all plans, you get access to the landing page generator and a WordPress design that is optimized for creating your email list.

For higher plans, you get access to bonuses such as OptimizeLeads – an independent platform for lead generation and a funnel builder with A / B tests and analyzes. With the new checkout add-on, you can create checkout pages, increase sales with bump offers, integrate payment gateways (e.g. Stripe / PayPal) and deliver digital products.

Outstanding features of OptimizePress 3:

A great visual editor that is easy to use – The "Lightning Editor" makes it easier to create and customize landing pages with a smaller learning curve than other tools.Over 50 premium landing page templates – While other tools have a wider range of templates, OptimizePress offers a wide range of templates that will expand them. Some are designed in sets to help you build your sales funnel.Accelerate design with sections – You can create your pages faster by adding pre-made page sections. This includes hero areas, CTAs, testimonial blocks and more.Personal template cloud – You can export sections and templates that you have created on a website and access them from your other domains.Funnel builder with A / B tests and analyzes – Create entire sales funnels, test your A / B pages and view detailed analyzes.Checkout builder – Create cash registers and integrate them directly into payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal.Includes access to an independent lead generation platform – With OptimizeLeads, you can easily add all types of registration forms to your website.

Pricing for OptimizePress 3:

Landing page builder prices start at $ 79 a year (including WordPress theme). Get any additional plugins in your suite plan, which is $ 199 a year.

5. GetResponse

While Receive response are known for their industry leading email marketing platform and also do landing pages.

Many email marketing tools offer landing page functionality, but this is usually an afterthought and therefore cannot compete with a dedicated landing page builder.

… This is not the case here!

They have a robust drag-and-drop editor that is flexible and a large library of templates. Some templates look dated, but GetResponse has done a good job introducing modern templates.

Receive response

And like other builders on this list, the templates include login pages, sales pages, webinar pages, thank you pages, etc. All the marketing pages you expect.

You get built-in A / B testing and the ability to serve pages in your own domain or in a GetResponse subdomain.

Here is the best:

This tool now includes a feature called Car tunnelYou can use it to build entire sales funnels extremely quickly.

You can choose from various predefined scenarios and the type of funnel (e.g. sales / lead recording / webinar).

Then Auto Tunnel builds the entire sales funnel, including your landing page, thank you / confirmation pages, email automation, popovers with exit intent, order pages, etc. You can then customize them as needed.

Once your sales funnel is created, you can use the drag and drop page editor to customize it as needed.

The data is presented as a flow of a funnel so that you can easily spot defects.

Since GetResponse is primarily an email marketing platform, it makes most sense to use it for email, landing pages, building your funnel, and selling products.

Think of this tool as an all-in-one marketing solution.

Outstanding features of Getresponse:

Integrations with common platforms – Over 150 integrations are available. Including; WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and Zapier.No limit to visitors or the number of landing pages – As with lead pages, GetResponse doesn't limit you to visitors or pages.Email marketing and automation included – You get the added convenience of having emails, landing pages, funnel building and a host of other functions in a single tool.With the car tunnel it is incredibly easy to build an entire funnel – Everything you need to build your entire funnel is in one place and can be deployed quickly. It is smooth!E-commerce built in – I suspect you will be using landing pages to eventually sell a product. GetResponse does this for you with a range of e-commerce tools. You can add products that handle digital delivery, integrate with payment gateways, and even process placed orders.

Getresponse prices:

The prices are based on the number of your contacts and the functions you need. The basic plan starts at $ 15 / month. The car tunnel is available for the $ 49 monthly plan.

6. Unbounce

Unbounce has helped people create landing pages longer than any other company on this list.

Therefore, you can expect a well refined and robust visual editor with core functions like A / B split tests and advanced functions like dynamic text replacement.

In terms of where you can place objects, the editor works similarly to Instapage in that you can align using a grid and with other elements, but you can also place elements exactly where you want them.

Contains more than 100 templates:


While some templates look a bit dated, you can modernize them fairly quickly with their visual editor. If you need more landing pages, you can find more from third-party designers on Themeforest.

Aside from landing pages, Unbounce now offers popups and sticky bars with a range of good looking templates.

There are some other nice features like automatic image optimization, SVG image support, Google Fonts and more.

You will find integrations for WordPress and numerous email marketing tools. However, I was surprised to see no direct integration for ConvertKit. That said, Zapier can be used to do that.

The only criticism I have on Unbounce, similar to Instapage, is that you limit the number of landing pages, sticky bars, and popups that you can create. On the lowest plan, you can create 75 pages and 8 popups / sticky bars.

Unbounce outstanding features:

Extremely flexible visual editor – Add conversion-oriented elements exactly where you want them.Dynamic text replacement – Personalize your landing pages based on the text in your ad. Targeting your landing page copy and ad copy can help improve conversions.Additional landing page templates are available through Themeforest – They are not free, but it is nice to have the option.

Unbounce prices:

Pricing starts at $ 79 / month (paid annually). For this price, you can create 75 landing pages and 8 popups / sticky bars. You're limited to 500,000 monthly visitors, but that's a limit that most people don't reach.

Higher plans release additional integrations and increase these limits.

7. ShortStack

ShortStack is best known as a social media contest tool, but they also have a great landing page builder as part of their offering.


You can create landing pages for all types of marketing campaigns – voting contests, email signups, freebies, quizzes, photo contests, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

The selection of landing page templates for lead generation is somewhat limited, but you can access functions that you simply cannot access in other tools on this list. And the landing page builder offers good flexibility.

Most landing page creators focus on pages with registration forms or a simple button. With ShortStack you can do a lot more. It's fantastic to have branded the quiz and competition features.

ShortStack 2

What if you don't use quizzes or competitions in your company? I can only recommend you to try it. In my days as a marketing agency, I used it a lot for clients because they were very effective in driving engagement and generating leads.

No other tactic allowed me to get the same results so quickly.

However, there are some limitations: A / B split tests are not available, so you will need to use an external tool. There aren't many email integrations either, but you can use a tool like Zapier if your email tool isn't supported.

Outstanding ShortStack functions:

Create marketing pages that you can't create with any other landing page builder – Giveaways, competitions and quizzes can be managed with all expected functions. This includes importing comments, detecting fraud, automatically selecting winners and various types of contests.Integrated email automation – This is not a complete alternative to a normal email marketing service provider. However, you can set up basic automation for your contests and then route subscribers to your email provider. There aren't too many integrations, but you can integrate additional tools through a webhook.Unlimited campaigns and emails – You are not tied to the number of campaigns (e.g. the number of landing pages) or the emails you want to send.

ShortStack prices:

A free trial version is available and gives you access to all business plan functions. Paid plans unlock more features (e.g. additional competition types) and more entries / page views.

8. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is best known as an email marketing service provider. Many people don't know that the tool also offers an extremely powerful landing page builder.


I've tested many landing page tools on the market, and Sendinblue can keep up with most in terms of the builder. Similar to ShortStack, however, no A / B split tests are offered.

Sendinblue manages to stuff a crazy amount of functions into one tool. They have the most important functions for email marketing, visual automation, CRM, live chat, SMS campaigns, FB ads and retargeting ads.

When it comes to emails, most tools such as ActiveCampaign or GetResponse only offer marketing emails. Sendinblue goes one step further and offers transactional emails. These are the types of emails that people need to purchase, e.g. B. Shipping notifications, etc.

Sendinblue outstanding functions:

Includes email marketing and automation builder – With Sendinblue, you can replace your existing email marketing service with a single tool that creates both email and landing pages.Transactional emails and SMS – Receive marketing emails and transactional emails on a single platform. This is especially good for those who use WordPress to send important emails to customers.Live chat and CRM are included – Communicate with your customers and close sales without using other tools. When you have everything in one place, every part of your marketing stack can work together in perfect harmony.

Sendinblue prices:

While Sendinblue offers a free plan, landing page functionality is available in the premium plan, which starts at $ 66 / month. This plan also unlocks all other premium features like visual automation, live chat, CRM and more.

Find the best landing page builder for you

As I suggested at the beginning of this post, the best landing page software depends on your exact requirements.

For example, are you a solo preneur on a tight budget? Or are you an agency marketer who needs a landing page solution for your customers? The answer is very different.

In the following I will give you recommendations for certain applications.

What is the cheapest landing page tool?

With a starting price of $ 79 / year OptimizePress offers incredible value.

The Thrive Architect + Thrive Optimize Bundle is also quite good value. While it may be a little more expensive than OptimizePress to begin with, you can get lifetime updates for $ 127. After that, you pay a bit more for a support plan that is much cheaper since you don't have to buy the plugin again.

With either option, there are no restrictions on traffic or the number of landing pages.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Thrive membership plan, which is $ 19 per month (paid annually) to access all products for use on 25 websites. What if you have customers? You can get an agency plan for $ 49 / month (paid annually).

If you're not using WordPress, you may be able to install WordPress in a subfolder or subdomain to save the cost of a SaaS landing page builder.

Outside of WordPress, Receive response offers landing page functionality starting at $ 15 / month and above Leadpages Plans start at $ 25 (excluding split testing).

Which landing page builder is easiest to use?

This is difficult to answer as personal preferences are what really matters.

When choosing a landing page generator, you need to balance flexibility and usability.

Thrive Optimize / Architect has a very flexible visual editor, but there is a learning curve. On the other hand, I found Leadpages be a bit more restricted, but it's a lot easier to use. OptimizePress offers a nice balance between the two.

Then there is Instapage – It has one of the best visual builders I've encountered in terms of flexibility, but I still find it quicker to create pages with Leadpages and OptimizePress.

Which landing page builder has the strongest core functionality for landing pages?

Leadpages has been my landing page builder for years and is getting better and better. They now offer the ability to create checkout pages, add lead generation forms, and create entire lead generation websites.

Despite all of these additional features, they have further improved their landing page functionality. The editor is easy to use and you can run split tests extremely quickly.

Instapage is another favorite. They took a slightly different direction by doubling on landing pages and adding CRO features like heat map tracking and dynamic text replacement. Your visual editor is extremely good, but your core plan limits you to 30 pages, and for higher plans, you need to speak to sales.

Unbounce is another strong competitor because it allows you to get more landing pages and traffic at a slightly cheaper price than Instapage. However, they do not offer heat map tracking.

What is the best landing page tool in terms of overall marketing functionality?

When choosing a landing page builder, you should also consider all-in-one tools so you can save money by avoiding other tools.

Receive response is a good choice here. You get email marketing, visual automation, landing pages, sales funnels, webinars and more in a single tool. In addition, the landing page functionality is not an afterthought – it can go from head to toe with dedicated landing page platforms.

That is, do not count Sendinblue out. While they don't have the webinar functionality and auto tunnel feature, they do offer many other features like live chat, SMS campaigns, transactional emails / SMS, etc. Although their landing page builder isn't as functional, there are fewer templates .

Which landing page platform is best for social media contests and quizzes?

Social media contests and viral quizzes require special features that other landing page builders do not have. Of course, you can use a third-party tool and embed a widget in a landing page, but it's not always that easy.

In this case, a platform is like ShortStack is ideal.

While it doesn't have the same core functionality for landing pages as dedicated builders, it's incredible for competitions, freebies, and quizzes.

However, if you only want quiz questions, you can opt for the Thrive Quiz Builder, which allows you to use the quiz item in Thriving architect.

Should I consider a SaaS tool when using WordPress?

It all depends on what's most important to you.

I use WordPress so I don't have to use a more expensive SaaS tool like lead pages. I could stick to a plugin that is cheaper (and I use it for some websites).

What I like about tools Leadpages that is the convenience. I can start landing pages for temporary campaigns or use a WordPress plugin for more permanent campaigns. In both cases, Leadpages hosts them for me, so my server takes less work.

And I want to be able to display all of my landing pages for all of my websites in a single dashboard. It makes it much easier to keep an eye on them all. If you only have one website, it doesn't matter.

Ultimately, you need to be able to justify the cost of a tool like lead pages. Given the additional features like a website builder, etc., this is easier than in the past.

Nobody can answer this question for you – it's about what's most important to you.


If you want to create your email list, generate leads, or sell digital products, you need some kind of landing page builder software.

All of the software tools on this list provide the ability to create all types of marketing pages. Sales pages, squeeze pages, click-through pages, webinar pages, price pages, thank you pages and much more.

Many of these tools have free trial versions. I therefore strongly recommend testing them yourself. Because after all Your opinion matters most.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that we may pay a small commission when you make a purchase.

Best landing page builder in comparison

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