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The Newbie's Information to the Mediterranean Food regimen (Can You Eat Pasta For Weight Loss?)

It's time to learn about the Mediterranean diet!

Maybe you heard that it is one of the best diets for general health?

Or have you decided it is time to lose some weight and start looking for a sustainable diet?

No matter what your subject, you have come to the right place!

We analyze different diets as part of our 1-to-1 online coaching and are really good at it!

Is the Mediterranean Diet Right for You? Perhaps! Let our trainers help you decide.

Here's what we're going to cover in our Beginner's Guide to the Mediterranean Diet:

There's a lot to talk about, so let's get started right away!

Time to get weird …

Here at Nerd Fitness, we're going to be recording gifs of animals acting like humans all day!

What is the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean is sure to be pretty. But is the diet real?

The Mediterranean diet is a way of life where real foods are eaten: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes (beans), some fish and lots of "healthy" fat.

Plus a little red wine.

It takes its name from several important countries on the Mediterranean coast and studies the eating habits of the people who lead long lives in this region.

When experts discuss the Mediterranean diet, the words "heart healthy" are almost certainly used. (1) That's why the Mediterranean Diet shines like a crazy diamond, because who doesn't want a healthy heart?

Why does this diet make your heart healthy and why do people tend to lose weight?

Easy: Every item listed above falls into the REAL food category. When I say real food, I mean things that came off the ground, grew in a tree, grazed in a field, flew through the air, or swam in water.

This picture shows real food, which is important in trying to lose body fat.

Here's another way of putting it: if your old country great-grandmother didn't recognize it as a food, it probably doesn't fit on the Mediterranean diet.

Sorry Pop-Tarts, Big Macs and Coca-Cola.

Logically, the reason this diet gets high grades makes sense. Of course, a diet made up of REAL foods like the Mediterranean Diet would have REAL health benefits.

And these benefits are fantastic!

Diet has been linked to a variety of benefits, including a reduced risk of heart attacks (2) and even maintaining cognitive abilities to ward off dementia. (3)

At this point you may be wondering:

“Steve, I like the cut of your jib and this diet sounds pretty good. So just eat real food, understand. But what about all of these benefits I hear about olive oil? And I found pasta unhealthy. That's a crucial part of the Mediterranean diet too, isn't it? Tell me more."

I got you boo

Where did the Mediterranean diet come from? (The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid)

It turned out that the Mediterranean diet was carried out by a scientist. Hopefully not that guy ...

Believe it or not, this diet was not developed by a goatherd in the Greek countryside.

It was theorized by an American scientist back in the 50s and gained popularity in the 90s.

Did you hear the name Ancel Keys?

He's a doctor of yesteryear (think the 1950s) who is often credited with popularizing the idea that saturated fat leads to fatal heart attacks, high levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream. We covered this very controversial topic at length in "A Beginners Guide to Cholesterol," so I won't rehearse it here.

The reason I'm bringing up Keys is because he was one of the earliest pioneers of the Mediterranean diet.

Keys formulated this diet after sifting through data and research and found that, statistically, people in Greece and Italy lived longer than other populations he studied. Farmers who worked up to the age of 100 were not uncommon on the Greek island of Crete.

What was the big secret?

Are the people of Crete actually descendants of Atlantis, who have special DNA and olive oil running through their veins?

Do the people of Atlantis follow the Mediterranean Diet? Hm...

Not really.

Keys noted that these Mediterranean people were low in saturated fat and obtained their fat from olives and fresh fish. He also noted low incidence of heart disease, so he explained something like, "Low consumption of saturated fat causes fewer cases of heart disease and leads to longer lives."

Hopefully, if you're a nerd like me, you know that "correlation doesn't prove causality". Although two variables are correlated, it does not mean that one is causing the other.

But it was a great story, backed up by logical-sounding data from an accomplished researcher, and the hypothesis became a "fact." The hypothesis that “Mediterranean diet equals long life” gained in importance, and Key's work has defined a large part of American nutritional advice over the past 60 years.

Fast forward to the 1990s, and the story of the Mediterranean Diet reached the mainstream media with the help of a group of researchers who decided it was time to publicize and spread the word about its benefits.

In a controversial and complicated part of the story that is much lesser-known, these researchers focused on Greece and Italy, ignoring data from any other Mediterranean population that did not fit their narrative.

Together, under Walter C. Willett of the Harvard School of Public Health, they developed the “Pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet”.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid looks like the Food Pyramid, only with more wine!

© 2009 Oldways Preservation and Exchange Trust

I know what you're thinking. Yes, this looks just like the food pyramid you were taught in elementary school! But with more real food. And wine. And dance.

I told you Keys' work had a huge impact on the guidelines we all grew up with! This concludes today's historical part of the article.

Back to the weird:

This GIF speaks for itself.

What Do You Eat On The Mediterranean Diet? (Grocery list)

You can eat a lot worse than a Mediterranean salad!

As I pointed out earlier, the Mediterranean Diet focuses on REAL foods found in the Mediterranean (duh) area.

It's one of the things I love about it!

Below are our recommended types of food, examples and substitutes in case you don't happen to live in Sicily or Santorini:

Vegetables. Common Mediterranean diet staples include artichokes, arugula, Brussels sprouts, celery, and peas, but seriously, any vegetable you enjoy is good enough! So get wild. Hate vegetables? I have you.
Fruit. Figs, mandarins, tomatoes (yes, it's a fruit), and pomegranate are common in the area, but fruits like apples and oranges work as well. We're fans of fruit, just don't eat 5,000 calories of fruit and wonder why you don't lose weight!
Full grain. Barley, buckwheat, oats, rice and wheat in the form of freshly made wheat noodles, whole grain bread and pitas. Whole grains are recommended in nearly every article on the Mediterranean Diet. When we say "whole" we mean "minimally processed" and are consumed in much smaller portions than you are probably used to.
Legumes. Think beans and lentils: a great source of protein and fiber that are delicious too. Hummus, a Mediterranean dish, is made from chickpeas (legumes).
Dairy. Do you remember that pyramid from a moment ago? You will see that dairy products are higher, which means that they are consumed in smaller amounts. Why? because researchers were concerned about saturated fat. On the Mediterranean diet, dairy products usually come from cheeses like brie, feta, parmesan, and Greek yogurt (although I assume they are just called "yogurt" there).
Fish. Fish are packed full of omega-3s (good!), Which tend to be deficient in most American / Western diets and have been linked to health ailments. (4) Fish like cod are found in the Mediterranean, although you could go with options like tuna or salmon as well.
Poultry. Factoid: did you know that every human has roughly three chickens on earth? Around 20 billion poultry share the planet with us. I've sat on this statistic for a while and was nervous to share. Anyway! Eat your favorite poultry, which can include turkey and duck.
Healthy oils. Olive oil. If there is one particular food related to the Mediterranean diet, it is olive oil. Olive oil is touted for its monounsaturated fat, unlike the saturated fat of butter. Personally, I think both are fine. But I encourage people to eat plenty of healthy fat, as our "Beginner's Guide to the Keto Diet" shows. So go ahead and use olive oil.

How Much of Each Category Should You Eat? That's a good question, and depending on your amount in each category, you may or may not lose weight (I'll cover all of this in a section below).

In addition, everyone does the Mediterranean diet differently:

Some argue that dairy products shouldn't be on the Mediterranean diet at all because they contain saturated fat.
Others would say red meat should be listed above, as Mediterranean dishes often include lamb.
Depending on which country in the Mediterranean you choose, your “diet” is very different.

You will never get a straight answer to that, and that's fine!

Robin has the right idea here, relax about what's okay and what's not on the Mediterranean diet.

This diet is loosely based on a region at a point in time as interpreted by researchers with an agenda.

The reason I'm telling you this: I don't care where the diet came from or what story was told about it. Same goes for Paleo (I don't care about cavemen!) – we don't care about history; It only matters to us if history helps people choose healthier foods.

Don't get into the details, the dogma, or the story. Instead, check out the list of foods above. Postpone your food and make big profits by eating protein and real food as listed above and you will be much better off than you are now.

Which brings me to my next point …

Which foods are not allowed in the Mediterranean Diet?

Yes, there are some foods to avoid on the Mediterranean Diet, but you don't have to run ...

Yes, there are definitely "You're Getting It Wrong" foods when it comes to the Mediterranean Diet. If you are going Mediterranean, please reduce Wayyyy to the following:

Added sugar. This. If everything you've done to improve your diet cut out added sugars, you'd be well on your way to improving your health. Throw away the candy, soda, and ice cream and you will make me very happy. I'm pretty happy in general, but this is really going to overdo things.
Refined grain. Oh Mediterranean diet, you understand me. The second thing I would tell people to improve their diets would be to cut out refined and processed grains. Your body's blood sugar can respond to it in much the same way as it does to sugar.
Refined oils. Dispose of rapeseed oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil. When heated, as they do in refinement, they create free radicals. Which isn't as funny as it sounds because of the whole "not good for your health" thing. (5) Science, you really should think of a less great name here.
Processed meat. Quality meat has better nutrient and fatty acid profiles than its processed counterparts. So cut down on overprocessed deli meats and hot dogs. Bacon is your judgment, partner.

Well, the above shouldn't come as too much of a shock. Are you beginning to understand why the Mediterranean diet is popular and legitimate? It keeps things simple!

Eat real food.

Avoid unhealthy foods.

Use olive oil.

Of course, this is ALL easier said than done, and whether or not you are losing weight on the diet is just a bit more complex than the above.

Will I lose weight on the Mediterranean Diet?

Yes, the Mediterranean Diet could help you lose weight.

Short answer: It is certainly possible.

Longer answer: If you are currently on a standard American diet of processed foods and sugars, the Mediterranean Diet will likely help you lose body fat if you can stick to it consistently and follow it intelligently.

I talked about this at length in our "Beginner's Guide to Healthy Eating", but the trick to any self-respectable diet is to eat REAL food and eliminate the bad food.

That's it.

This is why both the keto diet and the paleo diet work – for people who can stand it. The same applies to intermittent fasting.

These diets all focus on cutting out all of the processed junk, consuming real foods, and keeping total calorie consumption under control. They just do it with different rules.

The Mediterranean diet is no different.

It focuses on real foods that people in the Mediterranean have been eating for generations. Fresh vegetables, fruits and fish are nothing new to the people of Greece! If you go back in time to ancient times after killing a Minotaur, you can enjoy a feast of fish, olives, and berries.

Of course, ALLLLL diets come with one major limitation:

Knowing about the Mediterranean Diet and following the Mediterranean Diet are two different things.

Knowing that you should be eating fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish is VERY different from sticking to them when life gets in the way, your child gets sick, and you have to take a second job.

We all know we should eat better. But HOW to eat better, consistently and permanently: This is where permanent weight loss and decades of healthy life take place.

This is the big reason why we place so much emphasis on nutritional planning for each person in our 1-to-1 coaching program: You have to make sure that the diet works for YOUR specific life situation!

The reason the Mediterranean Diet works is the same as why other diets work: If you eat real foods, you are more likely to consume fewer calories on a regular basis and you won't be able to beat thermodynamics. Eating 5,000 calories of pasta and fish, although technically allowed on the Mediterranean diet, will still result in weight gain.

So yeah, if your current eating habits are not good, switching to a Mediterranean diet would be a solid step, especially if it allows you to change your relationship with food and learn about portion sizes!

I admit that there is controversy over how the Mediterranean Diet was formulated, but it ALSO encourages people to eat more real foods in smaller amounts and has a good chance of weight loss if your changes are permanent.

Remember: Temporary changes produce temporary results. If you follow a Mediterranean diet to shed a few pounds and then go back to your current diet, you'll end up right where you started!

We want small profits, lasting changes and dynamism!

Our entire coaching program is based on helping busy people make those little lifestyle changes. Nothing too scary, but powerful enough that your life could be very different in six months to a year.

A nerd fitness coach can guide your diet and weight loss journey. Find out more here!

Should I eat whole grains, dairy products, and legumes on the Mediterranean Diet?

Now is the time to answer some questions about following the Mediterranean Diet.

Should you be eating cereals, pasta, rice, etc. as the Mediterranean Diet allows?

If you can keep your portions under control, sure.

These are 200 calories of pasta (thanks to WiseGeek):

You're right, that's not that much pasta.

This is a serving of cheese (116 calories):

A serving of cheese is roughly the size of four cubes

Yeah that's not a lot of pasta and cheese …

As we cover in our healthy eating guide, carbohydrates and fats (cheese) are common calorically denseThat said, you have to be careful not to do this overconsume when you hit a daily calorie goal.

Also, some people have digestive problems with legumes, cereals (Gluten intolerance) or dairy products (lactose intolerance), so make sure you process them properly. Because of this, the paleo community avoids these foods, but it is probably overblown (you can read more about "paleo-ish").

My recommendation: Treat yourself like a scientist and consider this an experiment:

If you're on a Mediterranean diet, consuming dairy products, grains, and legumes, and getting results and a clean health certificate from your doctor, that's great! Keep doing what you do.
If you are on a Mediterranean diet of dairy, grains and legumes and are NOT losing weight, try to minimize your consumption of some / all of these to see if it changes anything.

I know how difficult it can be to just eat HALF something on your plate or eat a smaller serving of a food that you really enjoy, so I'm going to share a diet with you that takes in some steam and maybe good to experiment Them for you to consider.

Should I Consider a Low Carbohydrate Mediterranean Diet?

Fish is promoted on the Mediterranean diet, but most birds ...

What happens when you cut grains and dairy products out of a Mediterranean diet?

You are on a low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet.

This diet has actually been tested and named what is known as the Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet or Spanish Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet (SKMD).

The fat comes mostly from olive oil, there is still red wine (I swear I'll get to it), with lots of green veggies and salads for carbs. Plus fish for protein.

Lots of fish.

This otter loves the Mediterranean diet

In Spain fish is a major part of their diet, hence the Spaniards in the SKMD.

And who would have thought it would work!

SKMD has been shown to help improve fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. (6) Not to mention, the SKMD is effective for weight loss and waistline shrinkage. (7)

I've already covered the ketogenic diet in depth, so I won't go into it here (seriously, read this post – it has cute animal gifs too). If you are going for a modified version of the Mediterranean diet, I think the SKMD is the optimal choice.

Overwhelmed with Mediterranean, Saturated Fats, Keto, or SKMD?

I hear you.

Navigating all of these diets can be very difficult. And maybe you've tried the Mediterranean Diet before and couldn't hold up the results. That's because diets are challenging and life gets in the way.

If it's you and you don't have time to figure out how to use groceries for your busy lifestyle, Nerd Fitness has a neat 1-on-1 coaching program that allows you to create customized solutions for each client that to fit his life!

You can schedule a free call with our team to find out more by clicking the image below!

Simple Mediterranean diet recipes

Now is the time for recipes like this Mediterranean salad!

Do you need help figuring out what all of this will actually look like on a plate?

Just having a list of foods is like the ingredients in a cake. It's definitely not the same as having a cake.

I'm sorry you think about cake. I will do 10 pushups as a punishment.

And i'm back

Because I like you as a person, I've done some research and found some super easy recipes for the "normal" Mediterranean diet:

If you're a high-flyer, here are some Spanish Mediterranean Ketogenic Diet Recipes:

This is where you should get started.

If you have any other favorite recipes or resources, please leave a comment below so I can add them to this list here!

Why is the Mediterranean Diet So Healthy? (Other lifestyle considerations)

Views like these certainly cannot harm your health.

So far in this article we have only focused on what to eat. That makes sense, because the Mediterranean diet is first and foremost a food regiment.

Whether you live in Midwest Ohio or Timbuktu, global markets can help you mimic the nutritional strategies of a centenary Mediterranean.

However, I'd be an idiot if I didn't also mention all of the other lifestyle benefits certain Mediterranean people have that ALSO affect their longevity:

Meal time as a social event. In a traditional Mediterranean household, friends and family come together over dinner. In this way, a conversation can be integrated into the meal, which increases the time it takes to eat food. The faster you peel off food, the more insulin response it will trigger and the more likely it is that you will overeat when more food is available. (8) It takes time for your body to realize that it is full, which also happens late when you mindlessly peeling off food in front of a screen.
Smaller portions. If you compare western meals with those of Europe, one thing becomes clear in most situations: we tend to eat more than our friends on the other side of the pond. Our plates are bigger and our portions are bigger. And if all other things are the same, the bigger the serving that is in front of you, the more likely you will eat. (9) Would you like to eat less to shed some body fat? Eat smaller portions with smaller plates! They can make your brain eat less. Here is the study in which they demonstrated just that. (10) boom, science.
Move naturally. Think about life in the Greek islands in the 1950s – how many of these people spent an hour in a car commuting to a desk job working 60 hours a week? Probably not many! Instead it was a lot more of walking and local life. You can repeat this by spending more time walking and less time sitting! Every step leads to a lot of physical activity. Plus, wine can add to spontaneous dancing like Zorba the Greek (seriously, the next section is about wine, you're almost there).
Take a nap. It's not uncommon for people in the Mediterranean to take naps after lunch. This could help with the waistline. I know this is common knowledge, but getting plenty of sleep is essential to your weight loss. A lack of eyesight has been shown to affect insulin responses after meals. (11) Right, you could eat well but still destroy your blood sugar if you sleep poorly.

OK. You did it.

I am proud of you.

You have been patiently waiting for this whole article and now we are at….

Can I drink wine and alcohol while on the Mediterranean Diet?

Yes, you can have a little wine on the Mediterranean diet.

Yes, you can enjoy a little wine on the Mediterranean diet.

Hipp Hipp Hurray!

We'll just leave this GIF as it is.

Seriously though, let's talk about it because I like adult drinks too.

Drinking wine is common throughout the Mediterranean: it is served during dinner to be paired with food and encourage good conversation. Is it the wine itself that leads to better health? Or does wine add to the dinner experience and create an event to remember?

(It's entirely the latter.)

Real conversation about alcohol: So many people consume alcohol that any diet that says you can never drink alcohol is doomed and no one would stick to it. In this made-up diet that claims to mimic ancient eating habits, it is recommended that wine be consumed in moderation.

I see this in every diet:

Paleo dieters drink tequila.
Keto dieters drink whiskey.
And Mediterranean dieters drink red wine.

We've talked extensively about alcohol here at Nerd Fitness, and one of our favorite drink recommendations is red wine. As long as you keep your calorie consumption under control, enjoying adult drinks occasionally can be part of your strategy.

We cool? Cool.

Exercise and Mediterranean diet (training recommendations)

Is this LEGO eating pasta to strengthen its workout?

Exercising under the Mediterranean diet is not complicated.

It will really depend on your goals.

Depending on your goals, your “Mediterranean Diet” will vary:

Whenever you are trying to lose weight, you need to watch your total caloric intake. This might be easier with the Mediterranean Diet food list, as the emphasis on whole foods in general is on a diet that is more nutrient-rich and fewer calories.
When trying to build muscle, you need to consume adequate amounts of protein. You will likely eat a lot of fish, chicken, and eggs.
When you are ready to start running, you may need extra carbohydrates to burn off. You may eat whole wheat pasta here and there.

The definition of the Mediterranean Diet is broad enough that you can adapt it to any exercise goal you may have.

You just need to be able to define your strategy (by choosing your exercise goals) so that you can craft a version of the Mediterranean diet that suits you!

Wayne is thrilled that he made his little weight loss change.

“Steve, what resources will help me with training? Can you help me start a practice exercise? "

You can bet on it!

Here are some resources to help you get started on a Mediterranean diet workout:

The other thing to consider would be our 1-to-1 online coaching program. A nerd fitness coach can create a bespoke training plan that fits your life and situation!

Do you want an exercise program that you actually do? Great! Find out more here.

7 common questions about starting the Mediterranean diet

Goats are common all over the Mediterranean, so let's talk about their milk!

1) “Steve, I had a grandfather who grew up in the Mediterranean and ate differently. From now on this diet is null and void. GOOD DAY MR."

Okay, that's not really a question. And kind of rude. But I will address it. Let me reiterate that the Mediterranean Diet may or may not be exactly what people in the Mediterranean actually ate in the 1950s.

And I want to emphasize again that it doesn't matter!

We only care about results, and that comes from constant changes in someone’s relationship and decision making to eat.

So, if the idea of ​​“eating like a Mediterranean person” makes sense to you, great!

And if your grandfather ate differently, great! Eat like him and let me know how to do it!

2) “Steve, Italy is on the Mediterranean. Pasta and pizza come from Italy. So I can fill my face with pasta and I'll lose weight and look really good, right? "

You can eat a little pasta on the Mediterranean diet, but please use a plate.

Solid question. For sure. Consume whole wheat pasta while on the Mediterranean diet, but in MUCH less amounts than you are used to when trying to lose weight.

Pasta is generally a side dish in the Mediterranean. It is not served in a huge bowl like in the USA. When you do decide to eat things like pasta, do what they do in the Mediterranean and add it to a dish, not the dish.

3) "What's up with goat milk?"

Ziegen sind Badasses im Mittelmeer, mit ihrer Fähigkeit, über felsiges Gelände zu reisen. Tut mir leid, Kühe, steigern Sie Ihr Spiel.

Schau dir die Fähigkeiten dieser Ziege an!

Dies erklärt, warum Ziegenmolkerei im Mittelmeerraum weit verbreitet ist.

Wenn Sie sich für den Verzehr von Milchprodukten entscheiden, könnte eine Ziege Ihr neuer Freund sein. (12) Die Milch enthält im Allgemeinen mehr Fett als eine Kuh, was in unsere SKMD-Strategie passt. Auch weniger Laktose, dh Zucker. Strukturell fällt es einigen Menschen leichter, Ziegenmilch zu verarbeiten als herkömmliche Milchprodukte.

Zugegeben, manche Leute finden den Geschmack von Ziegenmilch nicht gut und mögen ihn nicht. Aber Steve kann nur so viele Probleme lösen. Ich versuche.

4) „Wird Olivenöl mich für immer leben lassen? Die Zukunft wird großartig. "

Yes. Es wird Ihnen auch Superkräfte geben. Okay, nicht wirklich. Aber natives Olivenöl extra ist großartig. Es ist meine Anlaufstelle für Salate. Fügen Sie etwas Essig hinzu und Sie zerkleinern ihn in der Abteilung "Aromatischer, gesunder Salat".

Ich denke jedoch nicht, dass dies die geheime Zutat der Mittelmeerdiät ist. Das meiste Lob für Olivenöl kommt von der Tatsache, dass es kein gesättigtes Fett enthält. Dies ist einer der Hauptgründe, warum die Mittelmeerdiät so beliebt wurde. Aber es ist immer noch sehr kalorienreich, daher könnte das Gießen von Tonnen gesundem Olivenöl auf alles der Grund sein, warum Sie kein Gewicht verlieren!

Ich persönlich genieße und verwende Olivenöl, grasgefütterte Butter und / oder Kokosöl, je nach Mahlzeit. Also, wenn Sie Olivenöl lieben und es auf alles setzen, großartig. Wisse nur, dass es deine Wäsche nicht macht, dein Geschirr spült oder dich nachts reinsteckt. Oder dich für immer leben lassen. Es ist Öl aus Oliven.

5) "Steve, kann ich Rapsöl anstelle von Olivenöl verwenden?"

Ungeachtet dessen, was andere Websites mit der Mittelmeerdiät vorschlagen, würde ich empfehlen, den Rapsölverbrauch zu minimieren und nach anderen Lösungen zu suchen, wo dies möglich ist. Rapsöl ist ein Pflanzenöl, das hauptsächlich aus Raps gewonnen wird, häufig stark verarbeitet wird und tatsächlich eine geringe Menge Transfett erzeugt.(13) Schlechte Nachrichten Bären. Wenn Sie einen Ersatz für Olivenöl benötigen, nehmen Sie Avocado- oder Kokosöl.

6) „MUSS ich Meeresfrüchte essen? Ich mag den Geschmack von Fisch nicht und ich glaube, dass "Fisch Freunde sind, kein Essen".

Ich verstehe es. Fisch ist nicht jedermanns Sache. Ich mag selbst keinen Fisch, obwohl ich in einem Fischerdorf auf Cape Cod aufgewachsen bin.

Ich weiß, sakrilegisch.

Nein, Sie müssen keinen Fisch essen, um der Mittelmeerdiät zu folgen. Der Grund, warum Meeresfrüchte für die Mittelmeerdiät empfohlen werden, liegt darin, dass sie im Allgemeinen wenig gesättigte Fettsäuren enthalten und in dieser Region reichlich vorhanden sind. Aber auch hier bin ich kein großer Befürworter der Reduzierung der Aufnahme von gesättigten Fettsäuren um jeden Preis. Wenn Sie also beim Verzehr von Fisch würgen, quälen Sie sich nicht. Bleib bei Hühnchen oder Pute. Oder…

7) "Sollte ich rotes Fleisch wirklich auf die Mittelmeerdiät beschränken?"

Ich beschwöre vielleicht den Zorn der mediterranen Götter mit diesem (vergib mir Zeus), aber die Begrenzung von rotem Fleisch kann ein Ziel ohne Verdienst sein. Ich weiß. Ich kann sehen, wie sich jetzt Wolken und Lichtblitze bilden.

Ein GIF von Zeus, der Licht sendet, um die Mittelmeerdiät in Frage zu stellen

Aber wie Regel Nr. 8 der Rebellion besagt, stellen Sie alles in Frage. Sogar "Weisheit" aus den alten Ländern.

Und dazu gehört auch die konventionelle Weisheit, rotes Fleisch einzuschränken. Ja, ich erinnere mich an die Harvard-Studie, in der es heißt, dass rotes Fleisch Krebs verursacht, und ich bin nicht einverstanden mit der daraus resultierenden Angstmacherei. (14)

Wenn Sie sich für eine Teilnahme entscheiden, verwenden Sie qualitativ hochwertige Quellen für Ihr rotes Fleisch (wo immer möglich mit Gras gefüttert).

Wie bereits erwähnt, unterscheidet sich die Ernährung im gesamten Mittelmeerraum erheblich, und Fleisch kann in Form von Lamm, Ziege und Rindfleisch tatsächlich eine herausragende Rolle spielen. Sogar Schweinefleisch. Wieder die Mittelmeerdiät im Gegensatz zu dem, was die Menschen im Mittelmeer tatsächlich essen.

Sei dir selbst treu und tue, was sich für dich richtig anfühlt.

Mein Rat: alles in Maßen. Einschließlich Moderation.

Ich entschuldige mich jedoch im Voraus, wenn Sie nach dem Essen von Lammkoteletts von der Beleuchtung getroffen werden.

Ressourcen, die Ihnen helfen, die Mittelmeerdiät zu beginnen

Dieses Foto hat nichts mit der Mittelmeerdiät zu tun, aber es macht Spaß!

Sie sind überzeugt, dass Sie heute mit der Mittelmeerdiät beginnen möchten – herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Benötigen Sie weitere Hilfe?

William Willett, der an der Schaffung der oben gezeigten Mittelmeerdiät-Pyramide mitgewirkt hat, hat ein Buch, in dem er alle seine Gedanken darüber darlegt, warum die Diät funktioniert. Schauen Sie sich Eat, Drink und Be Healthy für seine Argumentation an.

Die Organisation Oldways ist mehr oder weniger verantwortlich für die moderne Art und Weise, wie wir die Mittelmeerdiät verstehen, und Ihnen werden nie die Rezepte ausgehen. Ich bin immer noch nicht ganz davon überzeugt, dass die Organisation nicht nur existiert, um mehr Olivenöl zu verkaufen, aber das könnte paranoid sein. Steve ist paranoid. Lassen Sie mich meinen Alufolienhut anpassen …

Außerdem möchte ich Nerd Fitness Prime nicht erwähnen. It contains 6+ months of at-home workout routines, a nutrition course, and a snazzy app to help align your mindset to make sense of everything. If you’ve never stepped foot in a kitchen outside of grabbing milk from the fridge to drink out of the jug, we’ll help!

And if you’re just looking for basic nutritional guidance, we have a free 10-level nutritional blueprint that you can download, print, stick on your fridge, and start leveling up right now.

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Next Steps on Beginning the Mediterranean Diet (Plus a Challenge)

Diet alone is a small part of the appeal of the Mediterranean.

Just in case you skipped to the end of this article, or you’re looking for a quick recap, I hear you.

Pros of the Mediterranean Diet.

A focus on REAL food. All of the recommended food choices of the Mediterranean Diet are minimally processed. This is most of the battle on the war on diet. If you minimized the processed food on your plate, you’d be doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to healthy eating.
Plenty of veggies, fruit. Eating vegetables is the least controversial recommendation on a diet that has ever existed. No one questions the advice. This is less true on fruit, but come on. If all the sugar in your diet came from fruit, you’d be in rockstar mode.
Lots of healthy fats. The Mediterranean Diet is not a low-fat diet. This is great. You need fat in your diet. Olive oil and fish are a great way to get there.

Cons of the Mediterranean Diet:

Saturated fat may be limited unnecessarily. Without saturated fat, there’s really only a handful of sources left to get fat intake. Granted, as addressed a few sentences ago, fish and olive oil are solid choices. But still, meals will need to be quickly rotated without saturated fat as an option.
Grains, even whole, might not be the greatest idea for some. They are high in calories and can derail even the best-laid plans, so only eat if it fits your goals and lifestyle.
Dairy isn’t exactly a homerun if you over-consume. Like I mentioned earlier, not everyone handles dairy well, it can contain plenty of lactose (sugar), and calories.
Doesn’t address portion size or calorie amounts. People can DEFINITELY gain weight on the Mediterranean Diet if they eat 5000 calories worth of pasta each day. You have to be smart about portion sizes and not just eat all day every day (which is true of every diet).
It doesn’t address overall lifestyle changes or human psychology. We all know we need to eat healthier – the problem is actually sticking with it! So having a list of food to eat is great. But learning how to make it fit into your lifestyle is even more important.

If you have been nodding your head at the Mediterranean Diet and are planning on going all-in with it – you have my permission!

If you are already eating a keto or paleo-ish diet and were wondering if you should switch to this diet, I’d only suggest it if you were struggling with compliance, not losing weight, and not getting results.

YOUR MISSION THIS WEEK: cook a Mediterranean meal for a friend or loved one this week, and make the dinner an event!

Send them this article and explain that Steve gave you direct marching orders to make a meal for a friend or loved one. Together, you can complete this mission. You can even have a little wine if it suits you. And make a toast. OPA!

I suggest making the Avocado Hummus referenced earlier. It’s seriously just cutting up three ingredients, adding lemon juice and olive oil and mixing them in a bowl. Serve them with whole-grain pita chips or sliced veggies.

    Seriously, ANYONE can make this.

If all of this is overwhelming, or you need help with making better food choices, you are not alone!

Like I said earlier, we have a community of people who are busy and looking to live better, and a whole team dedicated to helping those people!

If you want help moving on from here, I have three options for next steps. Actions you can take today to jumpstart your fitness journey. I’ll share them with you, but only because you laughed at my cheesy minotaur joke earlier:

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Alright, enough babbling from me…

Let’s hear from you: After you’ve completed your mission, leave a comment below and I’ll buy you a plane ticket to Santorini. Okay not really. But I will give you a high five if we ever meet on a fishing boat off of Crete. Deal?!

If you started the habit of cooking for company, you’d make Steve a happy camper.

Let me know if you have any more questions, and I hope you can get started on your Mediterranean lifestyle today.

Now pass me the corkscrew!


PS: I want to give a shoutout to Nina Teicholz and her book The Big Fat Surprise, whose chapter “Selling the Mediterranean Diet” served as a reference for this post.

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