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The right way to Hire an RV: The Greatest Suggestions for Your First RV Rental

Want to learn how to rent a motorhome? Today I'm going to talk about the best way to rent a motorhome when it is cheaper to rent than a hotel, what to know before renting a motorhome, and more.

While I no longer live in a motorhome full time (we live full time now and travel by sailboat!) I lived in one for several years and still own one. When we're not on the boat, we live in the van all day.

RVing is something I absolutely love and I think traveling or living in an RV will ALWAYS be a part of my life!

What I love so much about living in an RV or van is that you have your whole house with you while visiting beautiful places. You can park right next to hiking and biking trails, next to the mountains or beaches and much more.

When we first sold our house to live in an RV full time people thought we were crazy. We got rid of more than half of our belongings and drove across the country.

But when I started sharing our experiences with our friends and family, more and more people realized that it wasn't crazy at all – it was amazing!

RVing has grown in popularity in recent years for good reason.

People rent RVs for many reasons such as:

It can be a great way to connect with nature, visit national parks, go hiking, and much more.
Gives you the chance to test RV life by renting one first.
When you travel with others, your RVs can be a lot of fun.

And so much more.

Because of this, I've received a ton of questions about how to rent an RV.

We love RVing, and it's definitely one of my favorite travel options.

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Today, I'll answer common questions about renting an RV along with my top tips.

How to Rent an RV: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Tips, and More

What's the best way to rent an RV? How do I find motorhomes for rent near me?

There are many different ways to rent an RV.

You can rent from a large company or find an RV for rent through the owner. If you want a wider range of RVs, I recommend checking out RVshare.

RVshare is a company where RV owners list their RVs when they are not in use. You can find RVs to rent near you or across the country.

RVshare makes it easy to rent an RV. All you have to do is:

Visit the RVshare website. You can search for the exact type of RV you want.
After you find an RV to rent, the RVshare website connects you with the owner so they can talk about arranging the pickup.
When you meet with the owner, you will get a quick demo and then you'll be quick to go!
Once your RV rental is over, you will empty the tanks, refuel and return the RV.

By visiting RVshare's website you can see how much it costs to rent an RV.

You can narrow it down to:

Where you want to rent it
What type of RV do you want to rent
Pet rules
Type of bathroom
Type of kitchen
and more

Screenshot of rental motorhomes on RVshare

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome for 1 week? Long term?

Some people are just interested in learning how to rent a motorhome for a short vacation while others want to rent a motorhome for several months at a time.

Motorhome rentals vary greatly in price. You may be able to rent an RV for $ 50 a night up to over $ 500 a night. The price depends on what you rent and how long you rent it.

Yes, that means that renting a motorhome may not be as cheap as you imagined.

It doesn't end there either as you may be paying other costs as well.

If you want to know how to rent an RV, here are some general owner's costs (other than actually renting a RV):

Mileage on the RV (typically you get a set number of miles for each day, and anything beyond that will be charged a fee)
Gas / Diesel / DEF
Campsites and RV parks

You can find out more at How much does it cost for RVs?

Is it cheaper to rent a motorhome than a hotel?

As with hotel stays, the cost of traveling by motorhome can vary widely. You can rent a cheaper motorhome, e.g. Pop-up campers for probably $ 50 a nightBut then you may have camping fees, fuel costs, and more.

You can also rent an RV, which costs over $ 500 a night.

The same goes for a hotel.

There are many ways to save on motorhome travel, just as there are many ways to reduce the cost of a hotel stay.

For me, camping with RVs is more about the experience. You will not have the same experience in a hotel as in a motorhome and vice versa.

They are just two different types of vacation.

You can also think about what you are going to do when you stay with the RV or in a hotel. You can do more free activities like hiking or biking when you travel in an RV. That could make it more affordable.

What are one way RV rentals?

One way RV rentals tend to be more expensive as the company or person renting the RV requires more work and planning.

One way to save on one-way rentals is to move your RV rental – basically a one-way rental! They are technically transporting the vehicle for the owner or the company, but often you can enjoy RV rental and even get a travel allowance. You can find moving rentals on many of the major RV rental sites.

Here is an informative graphic from RVshare about the different choices.

What type of RVs can you rent?

There are many different types of RVs that you can rent. These can be:

Class A motorhome.
Class C motorhome.
Class B motorhomes and vans.
Fifth wheel
Toy tractor
Popup trailer
Truck camper

As you can see, there are many different options.

Deciding what type of RV to rent is an important part of learning how to rent an RV. We went to RV shows before we ever bought one and that gave us an idea of ​​how much space we wanted.

You can also watch YouTube videos of RVs, complete video walkthroughs and view lots of pictures online to help you decide what type of space to rent.

Can you just park anywhere you want?

When we lived in our RV all day, hardly a week went by without someone telling us to visit them and park in their driveway, on a random lot next to their house, in their garage, and so on and so forth.

I always laugh – you really can't just park somewhere in your RV. RVing is not that easy!

Some cities on public roads may have rules and laws against RV parking, there may not be enough space, there may be sloping, low-hanging trees, or there may be a 9-foot bridge to drive under.

There are plenty of places to stay, however, so you won't have a problem for the most part. We've been hanging out in people's driveways (Google Satellite and Street Views are your friend in these cases), in free public land, in RV parks, RV resorts, state parks, national parks, and everything in between.

However, we always make sure to research where we are going so that there is no trouble. Researching where you are going is an important part of learning how to rent an RV. You want to make sure you can park safely without damaging the RV or the parking lot.

Read more under Free camping, even in beautiful and desirable places.

How do you connect to the internet?

The internet in RV parks is notoriously bad.

If you're only going to the RV for a short time, you probably don't care.

However, if you want to work while traveling and learn how to rent a motorhome, I highly recommend having your own internet connection.

We did different things such as:

Use of an AT&T hotspot for our phones as well as for our internet connection.
A Verizon Mifi device that I only used for an internet connection.
Google FI for our phones and as a hotspot (we have that now).

There are many options. So the point is to do your research and find out which cellular carrier offers the service you want, the prices and the ease of use.

How do you use the bathroom in a motorhome?

Most motorhomes have bathrooms, including a toilet, sink and shower.

You should look at the list and the pictures to see exactly what the situation in the bathroom will look like as they can vary somewhat.

Some can be very nice, others can be questionable haha.

How much does it cost to drain RV tanks?

This is probably the least popular thing about RVs, which is understandable haha!

However, if you are wondering how to rent an RV, you need to know how to dispose of the tanks. It honestly seems a lot worse than it is.

Depending on the size of your tanks (and how often you use your RV bathroom), you may need to drain your tank once a week every few days, or you may be able to drive longer.

If you find yourself in a RV park, you can usually dispose of your tanks for free. If you camp for free or find that you have to pay to unload your tanks, it usually costs anywhere from $ 5 to $ 25.

I also saw a lot of free dumps, such as in rest stops and visitor centers.

Questions about motorhome rental.

So that you know exactly what you are renting and what is associated with it, there are a few questions you should ask the RV rental company so that you have a good idea of ​​your trip:

Are pets allowed in the motorhome?
Is there air conditioning?
Is there breakdown assistance?
How many miles can I drive for the duration of the trip before I am charged?
What are the motorhome cancellation policy?
Is there an RV rental insurance? How does it work?
What is the fuel consumption? How far should I be able to travel with one tank?
Are blankets, sheets, pillows, plates, utensils, pots and pans included in a RV rental?

What do I need to know before renting a motorhome?

I am so glad that you are considering renting an RV for your next trip. I think you are going to love it like I have over the years!

There are things to consider to make your next RV trip as smooth as possible.

Here are some tips for renting a motorhome:

Do not try to drive hundreds of kilometers a day. For the first time this is a common mistake. They spend too much time on the road and not enough time to enjoy wherever they go.
Know how big and wide your motorhome is. You should be particularly careful with bridges and overpasses.
Always arrive at your campsite in daylight. I recommend that you take enough time to find your next campsite and settle down. Mistakes can easily occur in the dark, especially in unfamiliar areas when you are tired.
The easiest RVs to drive when you are brand new are usually Class B and Class C. If you are nervous I would go for the smaller size so it doesn't look too different from driving a large van.
Finally, make sure you put your awning away before you leave your campsite! I actually saw someone rent an RV through a campsite and hit a couple of things while people were yelling at them to get their attention.

If you forget, creating a simple checklist can save you a huge headache and money.

Should I rent out my motorhome?

Find a way to make extra income, maybe by providing an RV rental? According to the Association of the Recreational Vehicle Industry, over 8.9 million households own an RV, and that number is only increasing.

Many mobile homes are unused in storage areas, driveways and backyards. So why not try to make some cash while not using your RV?

And who doesn't want to make a little more money?

RVshare helps travelers save money by eliminating the middleman by renting RVs direct from the owners.

Think of it as RV Airbnb (RV Airbnb!). My sister actually has an RV experience by renting two caravans and she loved it! It seems like a great sideline if you already have an RV.

By your Motorhome rental online with RVshareYou can earn anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 30,000 per year in additional income. RVshare also securely handles all payments and releases funds into your bank account one working day after the start of each rental.

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Summary of How to Rent a Motorhome

Living and traveling in an RV is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I remember being so nervous the first time we pulled into the RV. People said we would regret it, we would wish we had never sold our normal house and more.

But just the opposite happened – I loved it!

Learning how to rent a motorhome opens up opportunities for your trip and lets you see so much more. You can travel at your own pace, visit amazing places, and much more.

When you're ready to rent, I highly recommend creating an itinerary that includes where to stay but be flexible if you can. It's more fun when you're not stressed out.

Just make sure you get your RV rental back on time!

If you want to rent an RV for your next trip, I recommend Click here to find your nearest RV rental on RVshare.

Would you like to learn how to rent a motorhome? Have you ever been in a motorhome?

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