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The symbiosis of gyms and on-line coaching after the pandemic

In the midst of the reopening growing pain, most beginners will continue to participate or fumble around buying or researching online programs.

Personal trainers and / or coaches who are not sold in online coaching take note of this. This article will be a discussion of the win-win situation for the average athlete and online trainer.

What is online coaching?

At a time when the information superhighway is just a tap on the smartphone, jobs, including personal training, can be accessed online. However, this wealth of information comes at a price.

This price is called the paradox of choice. The more information about training, nutrition, rehabilitation is available, the less accessible it is and the less screening takes place, which leads us into the era of online coaching.

I start with what online coaching is not. It is not a random stranger with a CPT certificate that asks you for money and merely provides an unspecific, immeasurable, unreachable program and set of guidelines.

In fact, it's not a fad diet in conjunction with bro-science training programs. It is a legitimate business model and a way to boost progress.

Selecting a trainer in certain circles defines exactly what this means. For example, an online bodybuilding coach will ask:

The trainer should be:

In Olympic weightlifting, trainers should have participated in this sport, received certification, and successfully taught others.

Trainers should be actively involved in their communitieswhether it's within an association or an online community, not Instagram.

During the on-boarding process of online coaching, the coach then asks a number of questions to best meet the customer's needs. Programming should be a product of these questionnaires.

The onboarding process is followed by follow-up calls, check-ins and face-to-face meetings. This combination of expertise, support and customization creates a useful online coaching experience.

Start online now?

COVID-19 has caused the closure of most fitness facilities worldwide, and as such, most people have given up a clean and sensible diet and, in some cases, overall activities.

For those who have become passive and unmotivated, reopening the gym will not miraculously rejuvenate the fitness. Instead, a schedule starts in her home to go back to the gym and continue a healthy lifestyle.

At home, there are great tools you can discuss with your weighted workout trainer, such as: B. gallons or sofas. Home cooking is also becoming increasingly important with regard to the closing of restaurants.

It was not easier to learn how to count macros, weigh foods, and understand nutritional content. With a healthier plan, most dishes don't come from a can or box. They require spices, marinades and the cooking of raw materials. There is more time inside the house to spend with the family without worrying about the spread.

After social distancing?

Hybrid coaching. If a trainer stagnates and does not separate from pen and paper during this time, they are significantly disadvantaged. Zoom workouts, YouTube and seminars are becoming increasingly popular with young and old.

Coaches now have more work to do. They have to be accessible outside of the gym or office, scalable to their customers, and have an obsessively excellent service or IG models.

A face-to-face meeting may or may not be a bonus, but should be as important as the online part, if not higher.

Companies like Starting Strength and Renaissance Periodization have taken this to another level. They offer seminars and camps, both in person and online, and offer certifications for ordinary people to learn the technique and implement it at home in the kitchen or in the gym.

Many customers and clients will not return to the fitness facilities immediately. With established guidelines, social distancing and cumbersome fitness etiquette are not too far away.

Online coaching offers the opportunity to regain control Learn to be more steady regardless of your fitness environment and don't seem to get far when you return.

I hope this has been helpful and encourages you to regain control of your health and inspire you to support your local trainers. Lift with love, my friends.

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