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This firm pays California residents a whole bunch of a yr to save lots of electrical energy

Do you want to earn extra money and reduce your electricity consumption? Here is my OhmConnect review that will help you with that. I’ve worked with OhmConnect and I’ll talk about whether OhmConnect is legit and safe, average OhmConnect earnings, and more.

If you live in California I’ve found a really easy opportunity to save some extra money.

If you’re a California resident, you can make hundreds of dollars a year by connecting your utility account to OhmConnect. All you have to do is agree to cut your electricity usage by an hour a week.

Here is a quick summary about OhmConnect – OhmConnect is a free service that rewards California residents for saving electricity with PayPal cash or gift cards. You will receive a notification about once a week to save energy for an hour. When you save energy, you get cash.

Not only are you helping the environment, which is OhmConnect’s mission, but you can also make extra money.

The average OhmConnect member makes between $ 100 and $ 300 each year. Some users made over $ 2,000 in their first year.

It’s also extremely easy to use OhmConnect!

In fact, I think it’s a no-brainer when you live in California. There is nothing to lose.

Today I want to talk about OhmConnect and you can potentially save electricity, help the environment and make extra money.

Here is my OhmConnect review.

What is OhmConnect?

When many different households use electricity at the same time, dirty and inefficient power plants are used.

More and more states and cities are paying their residents to save energy because it is more affordable for them and better for the environment.

That’s where OhmConnect come inside.

OhmConnect is a free service that lets you use energy when it’s cleanest and rewards you with cash and gift cards to save electricity.

OhmConnect doesn’t charge any fees and you don’t have to install anything if you don’t want to.

OhmConnect won’t change your electricity bill either.

OhmConnect just asks you to turn off the devices or cut the power for an hour or two per week. Saving enough energy during an OhmHour event will earn you points that can be used for PayPal cash or other prizes.

How much money can you make with OhmConnect?

Saving enough energy during an OhmHour event will earn you points that you can use towards PayPal or other prizes.

10,000 points equals $ 100. So you can think of each point as a cent. For a regular ohm hour, the maximum amount is 2,000 points per hour. So if the OhmHour is one hour, the maximum you can earn is 2,000 points. If it’s two hours, the maximum is 4,000 points and so on.

The amount you can earn with OhmConnect depends on how much electricity you can save.

The average OhmConnect profit for each member is anywhere from $ 100 to $ 300 per year.

A San Diego resident earns nearly $ 500 a month for saving electricity. Here you can read everything about him and how he did it – The Californian man hacked his energy bill – now he’s making almost $ 500 a month!

How does OhmConnect work?

OhmConnect is easy to use.

To use OhmConnect, you must have an online account with one of these three California utility companies: Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), or Southern California Edison (SCE).

Here are the steps to take:

Just click Here to sign up for a free OhmConnect account
Link your OhmConnect account to your utility account
Receive notifications when you need to save energy from OhmConnect. The utility company will tell OhmConnect when it is a time of high demand, and OhmConnect will let you know.
Save energy. OhmConnect members can save energy by giving thermostats a break, turning off the air conditioning, and so on.
Get rewarded. If you use less energy than predicted, you will be rewarded with cash payments or a price entry.

How can you save energy?

There are many different ways you can save energy. Some options include:

Unplug unused electronics. Computers, televisions, chargers, and more all use power even when they’re not turned on.
Adjusting your heating or air conditioning temperature.
Using smart devices like a smart thermostat or smart plug. With an intelligent thermostat you can save up to 10% on heating and cooling.
Skip running the dishwasher, washer and dryer, power tools, and more until the OhmHour is over.
If you have an electric hot water tank, you may be able to wrap it in an insulating blanket to reduce heat loss.
Keep your refrigerator closed as energy is used to cool it back down when the process is complete.
Turn off the lights in your home.

It is actually very easy to do as you can see!

Who can use OhmConnect?

To use OhmConnect, you must have an online account with one of these three California utility companies:

Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG & E)
Southern California Edison (SCE)

What is an ohmic hour? How often are OhmHours?

An OhmHour is a short period of time (usually on weekday evenings) when the demand for electricity is high.

This is because everyone comes home from work and everyone at home is watching TV, doing the dishes, cooking food, starting laundry, and so much more.

You can also set the hours when you prefer OhmHours. Usually, you will be given preparation time one day in advance.

An easy way to save more power and make more money with OhmConnect is to use smart devices. Examples of smart devices are smart thermostats and smart plugs. These smart devices connect to the internet in your home and can be controlled from anywhere, so you can use OhmHours even when you are not at home.

How can you increase your OhmConnect earnings?

You can make more money by meeting your OhmHour goals multiple times in a row.

Another way to make money with OhmConnect is to refer other households to them. Get $ 20 with an OhmConnect referral.

How does OhmConnect make money? Is OhmConnect Legit? Is OhmConnect Safe?

Yes, OhmConnect is a legitimate company and is safe to use.

You are probably wondering why OhmConnect is offering this as a service.

That is a reasonable question!

In the US, energy is traded on a market. It is planned to ensure that supply and demand are balanced and that there are no blackouts. OhmConnect also trades energy in these markets. They do not actually generate new energy, they simply reduce themselves as a community, which has the same effect as bringing energy into the grid.

OhmConnect is paid daily, monthly, and yearly, and they reward their users for saving electricity.

As you can see, OhmConnect is a breeze. If you live in California and use one of the eligible utility companies, it pays to help the environment.

Besides, it’s that simple!

You can click Here to sign up for OhmConnect.

Hope you enjoyed this OhmConnect review.

Would you like to try OhmConnect? What are you doing to save electricity?

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