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When is the most effective time to publish a weblog publish? (The controversial reality)

Timing is everything when it comes to marketing.

When is the right time to post on Facebook? How long will a reader spend on your site? When will your Instagram posts get the best engagement? When is the best time to post a blog post for the best results?

Post a blog post and share social updates at the right time, and life is great: the blog post will attract a lot of readers and generate a lot of blog traffic, affiliate links will be clicked and bought, email signups are collected and there is a lot of social media sharing.

Share everything at the wrong time and you have a big pile … nothing. No social parts. No Comments. Seriously disappointing readership. It will feel like all of your hard work has been literally free. (And we were all there!)

But is there really a right or wrong time to post a blog post, or is it a question of luck? …?

I will say a few things that many people will find very controversial:

There is no generic "best time" to post a new blog post.

* insert horrified face here *

There may not even be a "best time" for publication.

* Cue from shock and unbelief *

I can feel the evil eye of content marketers who are just burning a hole in my head, but just listen to me before you decide to join. I promise that I actually have some evidence to support my astonishing claim.

In addition, I will show you how to find the absolute best time to post new blog posts that are tailored for you she, your blog, and Your audience.

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What is the purpose of the blog post?

Check out the next blog post you want to publish: what is it about?

Are you trying to make money from affiliate sales? Is it an opinion based piece that you just had to type in? Maybe it's a sponsored post that works with a brand you absolutely love?

Why is that important at all?

Well, it turns out it's important – and it really all comes down to common sense.

Affiliate-based blog posts

Imagine that you have created a long, detailed, list-based blog post with affiliate links to many different products that you are talking about. When do you think it makes sense to publish this blog post? Middle of the month? At the end of the month?

Don't you think it would make more sense to publish the post when most people get paid so that your affiliate links are more inviting and everyone feels a little happier spending their hard earned money?

According to an Intuit QuickBooks survey of more than 1,000 U.S. employees, the most common day to pay was Friday (53% of people).

44% of people were also paid every other week.

If * I * were a US-based blogger and posted a blog post to make money from affiliate links, I would definitely post (and share) this post on a Friday hoping for more People would click and make purchases through the links.

Sponsored blog posts

Now let's take a look at sponsored posts: You want to post them at a time that is almost guaranteed to get the best engagement, not just in terms of traffic, but also in terms of link clicks, comments, and social media sharing Media etc.

Funny fact: According to SproutSocial, Friday (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.) and Wednesday (11 a.m.) are the best times for posting content on Instagram (blog post promo) for a high level of engagement worldwide.

The more engagement you generate, the more advantageous and successful your collaboration with a brand becomes. In turn, a higher level of commitment also means the possibility of asking for higher prices for cooperation and opening doors for larger and better cooperation in the future.

This means figuring out the times when your blog gets the most engagement, especially on social media.

Opinion-based blog posts

An opinion is likely to be read in the evening when someone has time to sit down, consume it properly, and nod in agreement. Or, you know, don't agree.

Unless it's an event or a time-specific opinion piece, you can probably post opinions at any time of the week / month. I personally found that when I shared post links on social media, they do pretty well on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends.

Learn from the experts …

… but adjust the information. By that I mean: use the information you read on this page and other websites, but apply it to your specific situation.

Best time to post blog posts for social shares (according to TrackMaven)

According to a TrackMaven report, the best time to post blog posts for the highest number of social media releases (especially) is in the afternoon and evening. Blog posts published around 3 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) and into the early evening were the most successful in terms of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

However, this is Eastern Standard Time, which is 4 hours behind GMT. If you're a … Based in the UK Bloggers, there are two ways to use and customize this information:

1 – The same afternoon / evening period is likely to be successful in both the UK and US.

During this afternoon / evening period, most people will come home from a hard day's work, cook dinner while surfing Facebook and relax in the evening.

Life slows down a bit and there is more time for the more pleasant things in life: watching videos, reading blog posts, doing online shopping or games or whatever people like to do online.

2 – If you have readers on both sides of the water, you have TWO potential best times to post blog posts.

I'm the owner of a UK-based blog that gets most of its traffic from the US audience.

43.2% of the readers are in the USA, 31.1% of the readers are in the UK, 6.2% of the readers are in India and the remaining 19.5% of the readers are via Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore , South Africa distributed. Romania and other countries (figures are averages).

When I post blog posts and share social media posts at popular times in the UK, I actually only target 31.1% of my readership when I do.

On the other hand, if I publish them at popular times in the US, I will target 43.2% of my readership.

The solution is simple: publish the blog post at peak times in the UK and then use social media to re-advertise the post later at peak times in the US. I could retweet my previous tweet "NEW BLOG POST", post a new picture in my Instagram feed / stories video to promote it, or share the link to the blog post on Facebook (/ the original update "NEW BLOG POST " share).

And YES, it's perfectly fine to retweet your own tweets or reshare your own social media content.

It's also perfectly fine to delete social media updates that don't work well and republish them at different, hopefully engagement-generating times. By doing this, you will increase your overall engagement rate. The low-performance updates are deleted so that the high-performance updates are not "shut down".

Best day to post blog posts for social shares (according to OkDork and BuzzSumo)

According to a study by OKDork and BuzzSumo, which looked at the number of shares in more than 100 million articles over an eight-month period, Tuesday is the best day to post your blog posts to most social media -To achieve releases.

Tuesday is also the best day to post and share for Facebook engagement and Twitter engagement.

However, Monday was the best day for Pinterest.

Consistency is always the key

It cannot be said enough: consistency is the key to blogging.

If you want to concentrate ONE When it comes to blogging and blog promotion, you should publish blog posts and post them on social media as consistently as possible. Publishing two new blog posts per month is better each month than posting six in a month and then nothing for six months.

Many bloggers have had great success with strict and consistent publication planning: for example, they publish every Friday at 9 a.m. Consistency is often associated with reliability. If you act as a consistent and reliable source, readers and followers will be more likely to trust you.

How many blogs a week? The experts have their say …

According to HubSpot, the frequency with which you should blog each week or month depends on the size of your blog and what you want to do with it.

To increase organic traffic (e.g. from search engines), you should publish 3 to 4 brand new posts per week, each of which is fully optimized for search engines.

Larger blogs, on the other hand, have to be published more often: 4 to 5 posts per week, but a mix of brand new and updated posts.

However, things change if you just want to raise awareness of your brand or blog. In this case, both smaller and larger blogs may publish new (or updated) content less often – a few times a week.

99 companies say that companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month get 3.5 times as much traffic as companies that only publish 4 or less.

This corresponds to the previous HubSpot study: 16 blog posts or months correspond to a new or updated post every other day or 3 to 4 posts a week.

How many times a week do bloggers actually blog? According to an Orbit Media study, most bloggers (24%) publish "weekly", 23% say they publish several times a month.

However, 67% of bloggers in the same study gave the best or best results when posting daily blogs.

It's about finding a balance and a release schedule that works for you. If you can't commit to daily posts, opt for a less frequent but consistent schedule. (Consistency is key, do you remember?)

SEO and Best Times to Post Blog Posts: Is There a Link?

What do you do first when you've posted a brand new post on your blog?

You go straight to the social networks you use to promote your blog post, share the link, or to make sure the automatic posting of a tweet / Facebook update / whatever worked, right? (Because you know how much WordPress loves to mess around and not work the way you want from time to time.)

Immediate social sharing of a new blog post is smart. According to Impact BND, it can take a few days to several months for Google to re-index everything you post on your blog, and there appear to be a thousand and one factors that determine how fast or slow the process moves. This includes how much traffic you are already getting, how old your blog is, how many other websites link to your blog, what domain or site authority your blog can offer, and much more.

It can take a few days to several months for Google to index any new information that you post on your blog.

If you're waiting for search engines to drive traffic to a new post, you might be waiting a long time. By posting your new blog post links on social media, you can immediately generate traffic.

It is not so very important if you publish the blog post yourself, but rather if you publish the advertising content for the blog post – on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Remember that popular times are also busy times

The problem with following everyone else's good advice (like the various statistics and facts you've seen today is that if you do this, you'll often get lost in the crowd).

Yes, it's a good idea to post when everyone is online, but everyone else is doing the same. There is a possibility that your content will be overlooked in the middle of social media rush hour, no matter how damn fabulous it is.

A TrackMaven report from 2017 suggested that Sunday was the best day for a blog post to be published. Fewer blog posts were published on Sundays, but published blog posts generated a higher number of social shares.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday had the lowest social proportions.

The same study also suggested that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were the most popular days for bloggers and that 10 a.m. was the most popular time.

Be sure to publish and promote at popular times, but also at some less popular times / days. (Like on a Sunday.) Experimenting with different times can give you a better sense of what works specifically for you and your blog.


Publishing a blog post is only part of a much larger journey when it comes to engaging readers. Without informing your readers about using an email newsletter or social media sharing, there is a chance that absolutely no one will read them immediately – but that's only because potential readers have no way of finding them .

By integrating social media releases into your publication trip, data traffic is increased almost immediately. It's social media sharing that you should pay attention to – the time you share the news of your new blog post with your readers, followers, and the rest of the world; the way in which you write your post to attract readers; and what media you attach to the post to ensure that it delivers the best results.

As the experts say, the best time to post a blog post is:

Tuesday afternoon / evening – for social shares. Friday afternoon / evening (and / or typical local paydays) – for affiliate link clicks and purchases. Sunday – for less competition. Evenings and weekends – for non-time-specific opinions / longer pieces.

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